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Sam Stosur felt she was getting closer and closer to beating Petra Kvitova, and on Thursday she did it to reach the quarterfinals. Read all about it right here, and send your questions in too!

Published May 16, 2013 12:00

Samantha Stosur

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hello again everyone!

It was great to get out there and finally get a win against Petra today. Our last two matches were very, very close, and the last one - which was in Fed Cup earlier this year - I had a match point. So I knew I was getting closer and closer, and going into this match I knew if I just played well and did the right things out there I'd have a chance. I'm happy to get a win and be in the quarterfinals now.

We were fourth match on, so obviously it ended up being very late today. For me, early afternoon would always be the perfect scenario - if I could be second match every day it would be perfect - but it doesn't always happen out there, and the schedules are what they are. It's all good though.

My next match is going to be a very tough one - Victoria Azarenka. I've played her seven or eight times and I've never beaten her, but our last match at the US Open really came down to the wire, so hopefully I can play as well as I did that day. I don't think we've played too many times on clay so it's going to be a little bit different, maybe it'll even be a few things better for me on the clay. But it's going to be another good chance to get another win over someome I've never beaten before.

Now time for some more fan questions and then I'll talk to you all again tomorrow!


Travelling most of the year must be tough. How do you keep yourself sane? Matt, UK
It can be tough sometimes, but I certainly wouldn't change what I'm doing for anything. I love being out here. Packing your bags and getting on airplanes isn't really that fun anymore, but it goes along with the territory. And having good people around you, and having a laugh and not always taking things so seriously when you're not on the court, that makes everything a lot easier as well.

What match are you most proud of in your career and why? Sandrine
It's hard to pick one - maybe I'd say the win against Serena at the US Open. But another one that stands out is the one against Henin at the French Open in 2010. Also, when I beat Dementieva at the US Open one year, the really late night match... so there's been a lot of very memorable moments!

Where would you take a first-time visitor in Sydney? Lynne
That's tough! There are lots of good spots. Maybe down in the eastern suburbs. Gordon's Bay has a really nice little beach. My favorite spot is Coogee. You can't really go wrong there...

What subjects did you like and not like in school? Were you a good student? Nikola, Poland
In primary school I actually really liked math, but then when I got to high school I didn't like it so much. From high school I wasn't there too often, I was travelling a lot, but I still went whenever I was home. I guess PE was my favorite subject, that goes without saying! And I was a good student. I wasn't there very often, so I had to be well-behaved to keep going away on my tennis trips!

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