Quotable Quotes: Bethanie Rising

There was a time during her injury struggles where she would come off the court ready to just quit, but Bethanie Mattek-Sands stuck it out - and now it's like the ceiling can't hold her.

Published May 31, 2013 12:00

Quotable Quotes: Bethanie Rising
Li Na, Bethanie Mattek-Sands

PARIS, France - There was a time during her injury struggles where she would come off the court ready to just quit, but Bethanie Mattek-Sands stuck it out - and now it's like the ceiling can't hold her. The American talked about it all in her presser after taking Li Na out - here she is in her own words...

On if one can become a better competitor over the years...
"Definitely. You can get smarter too. There are times you might not be trying hard enough, and there are times you're trying too hard. You have to find that happy medium in the middle, and that's where you play your best tennis. It's tricky to be in those situations and find that perfect spot. But today, I was just playing every single point. I think that's what I've improved on this year, mentally, is every point is a new point. I have a plan and a purpose on each point. I know where I want to hit my serve and where I want to hit my return. I can't control what my opponent does, but what I can control I try and control."

On talking about her tennis rather than her outfits...
"Yeah, it's always been about the tennis. I think the fashion was something I would do if I didn't play tennis. So for me, I put all my effort into tennis. It's always been about the tennis."

On those outfits...
"It's funny - I haven't worn anything too crazy on court for a few years now. Off court obviously, I had the Wimbledon player party dress last year. But other than that, I feel like my racquet has been doing a lot of the talking. As for the socks, there's a reason I wear them. They're compression socks, so I actually wear them for a reason - I have bad circulation, so that's why I have been wearing them."

On her outfit during the Li match...
"I was staying warm today. I had a nice neon tank underneath, but it was a little bit too chilly to take the long sleeves off, so I only have a couple of long sleeves with me here."

On doubting her future in tennis after so many injury struggles in the last few years...
"It definitely crosses your mind. My husband is back there - he probably remembers one of the matches I walked off losing and said, 'I quit. I can't do it anymore. I'm so frustrated not feeling good and not being able to move the way I want to.' It's frustrating, because I know how I can play, and there were times when I physically just couldn't do it. There definitely were those moments. But I have a good team around me that believes in me and gave me some good pep talks. I stuck it out."

On the food allergies she recently discovered...
"Yeah. Wow. I have a lot of food allergies. I did the test in the off-season and it came up that I had like 26 different food allergies. The main ones are gluten and dairy, but I had random ones like pineapple, peaches, papaya, tomatoes, garlic. I have done well eating out in restaurants - it gets a little tricky, especially when you don't speak the language, but it's made a world of difference for me. I have more energy. I'm recovering better. One of the issues I had was I have a lot of inflammation in my blood markers and stuff, and that's gone down because of the diet change. I feel like a different person."

On growing up in Neenah, Wisconsin...
"Oh, Neenah, Wisconsin, I still have family up there. I have my old coaches all up there and they have sent me texts, all been watching. It's a little too cold for me to consider moving back, but there are a lot of great people up there. I loved growing up in the Midwest. And I actually got good up there. There were a lot of juniors I practiced with, juniors I played with. I always played up age groups, and it was very good for me. But I love Wisconsin. I'm a Packers fan 'til the day I die. It's great."

On the music she listens to when she goes on court...
"Right now I have a lot of Macklemore songs on my playlist for when I go on court. My Oh My, that's the one I walked out to each time. I have a few techno remixes. David Guetta is one of my favorites; Tiesto is one of my favorites. But, yeah, right now the on-court walk on is Macklemore."

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