Quotable Quotes: A Matter Of Time

From rekindling former magic to finding your feet on clay and adjusting to your opponent on the fly, for some it's just a matter of time. Here are some of the WTA stars in their own words...

Published June 02, 2013 12:00

Quotable Quotes: A Matter Of Time
Kristina Mladenovic

PARIS, France - From rekindling former magic to finding your feet on clay and adjusting to your opponent on the fly, for some it's just a matter of time. Here are the WTA stars in their own words...

Aravane Rezai after pushing Kvitova to three sets in the first round...
"It was good to play against a top player again. I haven't had that opportunity for a while now. It was great to feel those emotions again, hitting the ball at that level and winning points like that. I've had those feelings before. I'm already working very hard and it motivates me even more. Now it's just a matter of time before I start winning more matches and getting my confidence back again."

Samantha Stosur on learning to play on clay...
"I didn't play on clay at all until I was 15. I went on an 18-and-under junior trip to Europe, and we had five weeks on clay, I think. I didn't win a match and hated every second of it. I certainly didn't like it those first few years when I played, because simply I had no idea what I was doing! And I wasn't consistent and all that back then. It took me five years to win a match here at Roland Garros, through juniors and qualies and everything else. It was a slow process, but just a matter of time."

Kristina Mladenovic on beginning the road to the top...
"I'm only 20 years old. Like my team tells me, it's hard to be too critical already. It's step by step, little by little, and I can see the hard work paying off every day. You only get out what you put in - you don't just wave a magic wand and expect to move up the rankings by doing no work at all. So I just need to keep working hard, keep doing the best I can in every match, win or lose, and that's all I can do."

Mallory Burdette on going from college star to Top 100 star in less than a year...
"I really had no expectations. If you told me a year ago when I was playing in the NCAA tournament that I would be here this year I would say, 'You're absolutely crazy.' It's just a testament to the fact that you have to work day in and day out. You never know what all the hard work will bring you.

"It's been great to play qualifying and kind of work my way up. I've been on tour for less than a year and have put my time in and worked my way up through the qualifying. Last week in Brussels, getting to play four solid matches before coming to Roland Garros, it was just a great thing for me."

Shelby Rogers on turning her season around to win the wildcard play-off...
"I hadn't won a match since November until then. I think every player goes through ups and downs throughout their career. You just have to stick with the process and just have the confidence you can turn it around and get out of the slump. It was really tough for a while - I wasn't a very happy person. But I kept grinding it out every day, and I knew something had to turn around eventually.

"Here I am, pretty much the highest point of my career. So I'm really glad I stuck with it. I just got matches under my belt one point at a time, one match at a time, and I worked my way back up."

Marion Bartoli on learning how to play her second round opponent on the fly...
"I had never played against her, and her tennis was based on tactics - she's quite special. I had to get used to her game. And eventually I changed my tactics - I had to be more aggressive. There was no in between. She hit high balls, slices, drop shots - there was no rhythm at all, no pace compared to my first round match, so I had to find the right style, and eventually I figured the match out."

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