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Quotable Quotes: Maria The Day Before

Maria Sharapova had a career-defining moment at Roland Garros a year ago, becoming the sixth woman in the Open Era to get the Career Grand Slam. Can she rekindle that magic this year?

Published June 07, 2013 12:01

Quotable Quotes: Maria The Day Before
Maria Sharapova

PARIS, France - Maria Sharapova had a career-defining moment a year ago, becoming the sixth woman in the Open Era to get the Career Grand Slam. Can she rekindle that magic again?

On her routine the day before a Grand Slam final...
"It's usually a practice. I've spent a little bit of time doing exercise on my shoulder. Have lunch - right now I'm pretty hungry. It's pretty basic. I might take a walk. I don't think I'll be doing any shopping. But it's really just the usual. Nothing really changes too much just because it's a final."

On how it feels to walk out onto Court Philippe Chatrier...
"It's so much more meaningful now having the success I had last year of being able to win this tournament. It's always a privilege for any athlete to walk out in a corridor to the stadium court. When you're a young girl that's your arena, that's your stage, that's where we all want to be at. Those few minutes or seconds before the match when you're walking, that's kind of the time you have to reflect on that opportunity you gave yourself to go out there. Obviously it's really nice to be doing that."

On if she would have believed years ago that she would have so much success here...
"I'd be pretty happy. If someone told me a few years ago, especially after some of the tough matches I lost here in Paris, that's I'd come back and be a champion at this tournament and come back and get to the final, I would be pretty excited. I'm really fortunate with that accomplishment, definitely."

On her head-to-head troubles with Serena...
"Well I'd be lying if I said it didn't bother me. It wouldn't be a competitive statement if I said it didn't. I'd love to change it around. Again, I'm putting myself in a position to face her. Whatever I did in the past hasn't worked, so I'll have to try to do something different, and hopefully it will work this time.

"I'm proud of how I came through this tournament. I've given myself a chance to face the favorite."

On whether it helps that she won here in 2012 and Serena hasn't won here since 2002...
"I don't think about it that way. Those are just statistics. She's in form. She's playing some of the best tennis of her career, so it doesn't matter how she performed here 11 years ago or other years."

On when she felt she played the best against Serena...
"I felt like the first set in Miami was pretty good. But overall I don't feel like I have taken my chances and opportunities. When you give a player who is up all the time a break, or second serves or things like that, they're able to rip every ball. And she does extremely well when she's in that position. Why shouldn't she? And against a player like her, the few chances you have to change that around, you have to take them. It puts something in their mind if they're just steamrolling out there."

On Serena's compliments about her serve...
"After shoulder surgery, it's the one part of my game I knew would be tough to get back straight from the beginning, because it was the one causing me a lot of problems for a long period of time. I had to go through different motions and techniques to get a comfort level and something that would not jeopardize my shoulder in the future. But a lot of work, a lot of repetition and a lot of matches."

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