Quotable Quotes: Maria After The Final

She may not have won the final, but Maria Sharapova had a fantastic fortnight - and she didn't go quietly against Serena Williams. From positives to regrets and the big W, here she is...

Published June 08, 2013 12:01

Quotable Quotes: Maria After The Final
Maria Sharapova

PARIS, France - She may not have won the final, but Maria Sharapova had a fantastic fortnight - and she didn't go quietly against Serena Williams. From positives to regrets and the big W, here she is...

On what she could have done better in the final...
"Well, 2-0, 40-15, 4-all, losing my serve right away in that game, easy passing shot, first point. I know I'm nitpicking here but these are the moments against her that I feel that I should be able to take, because then she will have no pressure going out there and serving and being up a break at 5-4, serving harder than David Ferrer when he gets to the final of Roland Garros, you know what I mean?"

On whether getting to 3-0 would have changed the match...
"Obviously 3-0 is a little bit better and easier than 2-1, back on serve. Maybe that will help you win the first set, but that's not the match. I'm not saying that's the match - don't get me wrong. She's a competitor. She doesn't like to give free points and free games. No matter the score she wants to win those games and those points, whether she's down a break point or up a break point or whatever it is."

On Serena's play in the final...
"She played strong, she played deep, served really well, served better than I did, took her chances.

"She played a great match."

On whether she had any regrets from the final...
"I don't have many regrets in life actually. I try not to have any at all. It would be pretty tough to go about life - whether I'm on the court or away from it - if I feel like I didn't do enough at a certain moment in my life. You have to move forward. And it doesn't matter how many times I've lost to a player or what situation I was in, whether I was up or down, how it ended or how it finished. You move on. Of course I thought I earned my position to be in the final, and I put up a fight against her today; it was not enough.

"It's certainly not an excuse, but she is playing extremely well."

On Serena's results as of late...
"She's doing what she's always done extremely well, but she's just doing it on a much more consistent level now. She's able to come in and produce it day in, day out. I know that's a pretty broad answer, but that speaks a lot. Sometimes you have weapons and there are good things you do in your game, but the longer she can produce that, that makes you a better player. And she's been able to produce that.

"It's not like she's changed something in her game. I think she's always had a big serve. It's just become much more consistent. I think her second serve is better than what it was in the past too."

On Serena doing so well at age 31...
"It shows you can still do it at that age if you have the desire and the motivation. I think it's an extremely great effort. It's a great accomplishment. I think if you're at that stage in your life where you are still motivated to win tennis matches, that's an amazing effort. I have nothing but good words about it."

On the positives she can take from playing such a close match with Williams...
"I feel like I'm moving in the right direction in terms of when I'm playing against her. Some of the results against her last year were not so good; but the match in Miami and the match here, I think I'm doing a few more right things than maybe I've done in the past, yet obviously not consistent enough."

On the positives she can take from the fortnight...
"Well, getting to the Roland Garros final isn't too shabby, so I'd say that's a positive. Coming back as a defending champion, it's never easy to back with that title, so I'm happy that I was able to produce good tennis within these last two weeks and come back to that stage. And a few other things too. I mean, we still have a long summer ahead of us. And a lot of my favorite tournaments are coming up.

"There's a lot to look forward to, definitely."

And on which of those tournaments coming up are her favorite...
"Well, I love all the tournaments that are coming up. Especially Wimbledon. It's always the one that I want to perform well at, and the one I always look forward to. It's not like I really need someone to give me motivation towards that, because when I get to the grass, I always feel that motivation."

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