Quotable Quotes: Serena After The Final

Why did Serena Williams take her serve up a notch in the last game? Why might there be something in the water in America? Has she peaked yet? The World No.1 spoke after her big victory.

Published June 08, 2013 12:01

Quotable Quotes: Serena After The Final
Serena Williams

PARIS, France - Why did Serena Williams take her serve up a notch in the last game? Why is there something in the water in America? Has she peaked yet? The World No.1 spoke after her big win.

On the difference between going into last year's French Open and going into this year's...
"Oh, wow. Honestly I was just more relaxed this time going in. I played so well leading up to the French Open last year - and the same thing happened this year - but this time I didn't put any pressure on myself. I think losing in the first round last year definitely helped me realize I have no points to defend. I have nothing to lose. I can just kind of relax and do what I want to do here at Roland Garros.

"I'm still a little bit upset about that loss last year, but it's all about how you recover. I think I've always said being a champion isn't about how much you win, it's about how you recover from your downs, whether it's an injury or a loss. How you recover from that is what creates a real champion."

On going from a point for 0-3 to winning the match...
"I think my winning appetite was really high. I think due to that, I may not have played as well in this final as I played in other matches before. I think maybe I put a little pressure on myself for this one; because of that, I maybe made a lot of mistakes I didn't do in other rounds. But with that being said, it really got me through a lot of tough points that I knew I really needed to win in today's match."

On finishing the match with three aces in the last game...
"Honestly, at that point I was so nervous. I thought, 'I'm not going to be able to hit groundstrokes.' No joke. And as you can see, the one groundstroke I did hit went like 100 feet out. I thought to myself, 'Look Serena, you've just got to hit aces. That's your only choice.' I just had to hit aces. That's just what I did. I wouldn't have been able to hit a forehand or backhand or any other shot, for that matter."

On Sharapova's performance in the final...
"I think she played probably the best she's played me. I think she really wanted it. I think she came out with a real plan and she was really determined to do really well. I think that was a key for her in the match, just to play well. I think she did. I think she played an excellent match against me today."

On what winning her 16th Grand Slam means to her...
"I'm just trying to go up and up. Today when I won I was trying to win the French Open; I wasn't trying to get to No.16. I think it was Fabrice Santoro who told me that on court, 16, and I thought, 'Wow, I forgot about that.' I think it's really special. I feel like I definitely want to continue my journey. If It means I stop at 16 or if it means I have more, I definitely want to continue my journey to get a few more."

On what she remembers about herself from her first title here in 2002...
"I loved being on center court. I loved playing. I couldn't believe I won the French Open 11 years ago. It was a real shock for me. I was young and loving every moment and every championship I won.

"I was just a determined individual."

On whether she thought it would take her 11 years to win here again...
"Definitely not. I thought I would win Roland Garros again, I guess. I don't know if I really even thought about it, but there were definitely a few years I felt like I could have won and I didn't. And I think it was mostly on my racquet and my fault that I didn't win. But I think for the most part I'm still here, and I'm just still fighting and doing the best that I can for each and every one of my matches."

On playing so well at age 31...
"I'm really relaxed. I really enjoy every moment that I'm out there. I always said that I felt like I have never played my best tennis. I have said that for years, that I feel like I can always do better and play better, and I have always wanted to reach that level right now. Maybe I'm just trying to get there.

"I really believe age is a number at this point, because I have never felt so fit. I feel great. I look great. If I see someone that's 31, I'm like, 'You're old.' Then I'm like, 'I'm 31.' But I don't feel it at all. I don't know.

"Maybe it's something in the water in America."

On how her serve is so good...
"I don't know how I'm able to serve so big. I think growing up with Venus, she's serving so big, I was like, 'I want to serve big too.' That definitely helped me a lot. Again, I am not the tallest girl on tour, but I think I use my height in a very effective way, and I use it to the fullest of my ability."

On whether she ever considered retiring at her peak, 'like Greta Garbo'...
"Wow, what an analogy, me and Greta Garbo. Thank you! I want to go out in my peak. That's my goal.

"But have I peaked yet?"

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