Quotable Quotes: Marion Before The Final

Does it help that she's been in the Wimbledon final before? Who will be coming out to support her? What will her routine be the morning of the final? Marion Bartoli met the press on Friday.

Published July 05, 2013 12:02

Quotable Quotes: Marion Before The Final
Marion Bartoli

LONDON, England - Does it help that she's been in the Wimbledon final before? Who will be coming out to support her? What will her routine be the morning of the final? Marion Bartoli met the press...

On whether it helps that she has been in a final here before...
"Well, we'll see after the match, but of course having the experience of being out there already, especially on the same court, the same stage, will all definitely help. But I think a final is always extremely open, and I know I will have to play the perfect match if I want to have a chance to win.

"It's definitely hard to say before the match if it's an advantage or not. I'm feeling less stress than I was for my first final, for sure. So hopefully it will help me. But Sabine has played some amazing tennis so far. She might be too good for me tomorrow. So I think it will help me deal with my nerves, but then of course I have to deal with her level of game, which is obviously also very hard to deal with.

"I just want to leave it all on the court and have no regrets when I leave the court."

On the difference between her style of play and Lisicki's...
"It's hard to say. We both hit the ball pretty hard, pretty flat. Sabine is definitely serving faster than me, especially on the first serve, and I might take the ball a bit earlier. But we both have the same thing - playing fairly flat and from the baseline and trying to hit some winners. So we're similar that way."

On what the key to the match will be...
"There are so many keys. First of all it will be a battle of nerves and who can come up with the best game on that day. And a final of a Grand Slam is always a matter of details - maybe a point here, a point there will make the difference. Maybe someone who is a bit more gutsy than the other player, someone who is having a better day than the other. We're very close in terms of level, I believe."

On saying at the beginning of the year that her goal for 2013 was to win a Grand Slam...
"When you set some goals for the year, you try to set the highest goal as possible, obviously. Of course, it's more like a dream for me to win a Grand Slam. If I'm totally honest about it all, my goal was to be in the final of a Grand Slam again. But now that I'm in the final I don't just want to lose."

On what her routine will be the morning of the final...
"I will listen to the same music I've been listening to. It's giving me some good vibes, so I'll keep doing that. I will follow the same routine as usual, which is a good physical warm-up before going on court and then maybe a half an hour hit. If I need to catch a sleep again, I will do it before the match. Otherwise I'll just get a warm-up before playing the final and then go on court ready to fight."

On who is here supporting her...
"A lot of friends. I've received a lot of text messages since yesterday, I've met some amazing people along this tough path, and I'm so pleased to have them on my side. They have been here when I had some tough moments. It's going to be great to share those moments with them tomorrow."

On whether her father will be here...
"Yeah, he's coming for the final. Don't worry. Yeah."

On Mauresmo...
"She has been helping me with the way I need to deal with my stress and energy out of the court. Sometimes I was losing too much energy being focused for too long, especially a lot of times before my matches. I felt when I was going on the court, I was already tired. So she's really helping me just cool down when I'm off the court, have some great times, have some fun, and just be really focused maybe 15, 20 minutes before going out on the court, and not like the whole day before or whatever."

On whether she felt it was inevitable she would get back to a Grand Slam final...
"I felt I deserved it. I truly believe in hard work and determination. I put that in every single day. Even if I had hard times outside the court, I went on the practice court every day and practiced hard no matter what was happening, and remembered every day that I was a tennis player and what I wanted the most was to win matches. Somehow that kind of attitude should be rewarded at some point.

"Obviously I got it this year."

On whether she's appreciating this run more than the first time in 2007...
"Not really. I'll be able to enjoy it when it's all over and I'm at home, relaxing, taking all the pressure off and having time to look back at these two weeks. Right now I'm still so focused on this tournament.

"Honestly, I'm not at the point where I'm saying, 'It's amazing, I'm in the final of Wimbledon.' I'm about to play a second Grand Slam final. I'm not in that mood at all. I just want to fight again."

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