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Quotable Quotes: Sabine Before The Final

Did Sabine Lisicki think she would ever come back from her injury this strongly? What's her favorite nickname? What song will she probably be listening to as she walks out? Here she is...

Published July 05, 2013 12:02

Quotable Quotes: Sabine Before The Final
Sabine Lisicki

LONDON, England - Did Sabine Lisicki think she would ever come back from her injury this strong? What's her favorite nickname? What song will she probably be listening to as she walks out?

On the final against Bartoli...
"It's a final, so it'll be good, I think. She plays aggressive tennis so it'll be a totally different game than my semifinal. But I've had a lot of challenges on my way to the finals with players being aggressive, players who were very solid and players moving very well, so it will be another challenge for me.

"I don't really think about it too much though. I will just go out there to win the match. I just want to be better than my opponent, and that's all I'm thinking about. I'm totally focused on the match."

On her routine the morning of the final...
"The same as usual: get up, have a good breakfast, warm up, eat something, get ready for the match."

On what she'll be listening to when she goes on court...
"When I walk on court, probably Play Hard."

On speaking with Becker on Friday...
"I've just spoken with him. Actually I did an interview with him. I asked him a couple of questions, how it was for him - he actually won the first final he was in, so that's pretty good."

On the sacrifices her parents made for her tennis career...
"Well, my parents did everything possible to let me play tennis. I appreciate it so much. My dad has worked from 8 o'clock in the morning until 9 o'clock in the evening to make it possible for me to play tennis. We had to cancel tournaments sometimes because we couldn't afford to go there. We were driving by car. It's been a big, big challenge. So to get to this point really means a lot to us."

On how she overcame her allergy to grass...
"Well, I learned how to cope with that. In the beginning, the first time I was here, I was struggling with the allergies. But now I know what to do, what to take, to calm them down. I'm on medication."

On her favorite nickname...
"Well, one of the first ones I think of is Boom Boom Bina. Yeah, I think it suits my game. Bina is my nickname in Germany, so I think that suits me quite well with my game."

On whether she ever thought she would come this far after her ankle injury in 2010...
"Yes. I always believed in it. Always. No matter what happened. I can still remember when the doctor told me I had to be on crutches the next six weeks. I was like, 'Okay, when can I get back?' That period made me such a stronger person and a player. I know anything is possible after learning how to walk again. Coming back to play the semis here after dropping to No.220, anything's possible."

On what keeps her going when she's going through difficult times...
"The passion for the sport. I love the sport so much. I miss it so much when I cannot be out there playing on the court. The love for the game just gives me belief to overcome anything that comes. And also there have been some biographies that helped me go through that, and some inspiring stories."

On on what those biographies and stories were, exactly...
"Hermann Maier. I read his book while I was injured. Almost losing his leg and then coming back and becoming the world champion in his sport, I think was just an unbelievable story. Also Drew Brees, an American football player, quarterback. Nobody believed he could come back after his shoulder - he has torn everything there was in the shoulder - and he still came back and was one of the best."

And on whether she has ever met either of them...
"Unfortunately not. I would love to."

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