Quotable Quotes: Marion After The Final

From seeing match point in slow motion to daring to dream, Marion Bartoli talked about it all after winning the first Grand Slam title of her career at Wimbledon. Here she is in her own words.

Published July 06, 2013 12:03

Quotable Quotes: Marion After The Final
Marion Bartoli

LONDON, England - From seeing match point in slow motion to daring to dream, Marion Bartoli talked about it all after winning her first Grand Slam title at Wimbledon. Here she is in her own words.

On the close ending in the match...
"I was just trying to focus on my own game and try to remain calm out there, even if I had this 5-1 lead in the second set and 15-40 on her serve and couldn't close it out. Sabine started to play very well and came back to 5-4. I thought I really had to hold my serve one more time. And to finish on an ace to win Wimbledon - you saw the chalk come out of the line - I mean, I could have seen it in slow motion. I could see the ball landing, chalk came out, it's an ace, and I've just won Wimbledon. It was amazing.

"You cannot put into any words what I felt in that moment. I couldn't believe I just won Wimbledon. We'll have to see the pictures and see the match on DVD again to kind of start to realize it."

On whether this victory will change her life...
"It will not change me as a person because I will always remain the same: very humble, very low key and easy going, down to earth. But just hearing 'Wimbledon champion' sounds good to me! It has been my dream. I wanted that so badly. I was always saying the goal of my career was to win a Grand Slam.

"Dare to dream. I kept dreaming. I kept my head up. I kept working hard, and it just happened."

On her unique game - two hands both sides, returning inside the baseline, etc...
"Well, it's always been a part of my personality to be different. Being just like the other ones is kind of boring, I think. I really embrace being a bit different and doing something not everyone is doing.

"I actually love that part of my game, being able to do something different, playing inside the court or whatever. Today I was pretty smart to kind of back up a little bit, to give me an extra half a second or something to react to Sabine's serve - because sometimes you have to adapt, as well. But I never felt like I wanted to be like all the other kids and just do exactly the same as everyone else."

On hugging her father in the player box...
"Honestly, it was an amazing feeling. I still can't realize I just won Wimbledon. I can't realize I'm a Wimbledon champion. It's just so overwhelming. I don't know if you can really realize it, but for a tennis player, you start to play at five or six years old. When you decide to turn pro, your dream is to win a Grand Slam. You dream about it every single day. You think about it every single day. So when it happens, you feel like you've achieved something you've dreamed about for millions of hours. You went through the pain, you went through tears, the low moments, and it actually happened.

"Those five or 10 seconds on the court before you shake hands with your opponent, you feel like you're almost not even walking on Earth anymore. You're really flying. It's really hard to describe how it felt. So to share this moment with my dad - I was looking at him in the players' box - he was really cheering me on. He was on his phone for almost the whole match. I don't know what was happening, but he was really relaxed. That was the perfect day. It was sunny. It was beautiful. Centre Court at Wimbledon, it was packed. I won the match in two sets. I didn't drop a set for the whole championship.

"Even in my perfect dream I couldn't have dreamed a moment like that. It was beyond perfection."

On how much more she thinks she can do in her career...
"I have absolutely no idea, but one Grand Slam is pretty good for me. Wimbledon champ - even if I don't get another one, I will still be very proud of it. But of course I'm going to try my hardest to get some more. Now that I got one, I definitely believe I can get more of them. I just want to enjoy this one because I still haven't realized I'm really the Wimbledon champion 2013. So it will take me a few more days to realize it. And when I do, I'll maybe think about the US Open and getting a shot over there."

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