Quotable Quotes: Nails & One Direction

What was the inspiration for Serena Williams' nails? Is Kaia Kanepi a One Direction fan? Over the next few days wtatennis.com will bring you some of the best quotes from the Wimbledon fortnight.

Published July 09, 2013 12:03

Quotable Quotes: Nails & One Direction
Serena Williams

LONDON, England - What was the inspiration for Serena Williams' nails? Is Kaia Kanepi a One Direction fan? Over the next few days we will bring you some of the best quotes from the fortnight...

Serena Williams on the words written on her nails...
"It's just cartoons. I was influenced by a lot of animation. Sometimes in the old Batman cartoons, they always said POW and WHAM, which are what's written on my nails. I didn't do them myself though."

On whether she sees herself playing at 42, like Date-Krumm...
"I didn't see myself playing at 31, so I don't know. I definitely don't see myself playing at 42."

And on whether being at a Grand Slam without Venus or her parents is different...
"No. I'm 31, you know. I really have to go back to the drawing boards if I can't compete without one of them here. Like, I would really need to reevaluate my life."

Kaia Kanepi on whether she's a One Direction fan...
"One Direction?"

After being told they're a band...
"No, I don't know."

Kimiko Date-Krumm on signing an autograph for a very young fan...
"One older lady came to me and asked if I could sign her baby's t-shirt. She said, 'I came from Japan, please, please, please!' She said it like 100 times. The baby, I don't know if it was a boy or a girl, but they obviously didn't know anything. But the mother was so excited. I was happy to do it."

Laura Robson on an alternative to autographs she was asked for...
"A couple of people have asked me to put my finger on their iPads. It's some sort of fingerprint thing I think - I have no idea what it is. I'm going to have to ask one of them what it actually does."

And on pressure while playing in England...
"I think I'm handling it pretty well so far. I've had a fair few matches on big stadiums now where I've handled the crowd support perfectly fine. And I love when people get involved - sometimes they do a massive groan if I hit a double fault, but I'm doing it as well. So we're just living it together."

Agnieszka Radwanska on Jerzy Janowicz and Lukasz Kubot...
"Jerzy is a huge guy with a huge serve, really powerful tennis - Kubot is more like a grass court player, serve and volley, very good touch. So it will be a very interesting match. I'm definitely going to watch that. I have a day off when they're playing, so I think it will be good fun to watch that one."

And does she know them personally?
"Yes, they're very nice guys. I love them both."

Samantha Stosur on 'Wimblegeddon', the day after...
"When I first practiced here I thought maybe the grass was a little bit longer, but I feel like the ball is maybe getting up a little higher. Maybe the grass is longer. I don't know. But it's funny - obviously I've seen everyone slipping over, the people that have and whatnot, but I haven't slipped once, touch wood. I feel like I've been moving well and I haven't been having any problems out there myself.

"I don't know. Maybe it's just a big coincidence that everything kind of happened yesterday."

Maria Sharapova on choosing one player she hasn't played to play against...
"It would probably be Steffi. I think she would chop me up, actually. I never watched so much tennis - I don't know many statistics, and I just never followed it all the time, just when the Grand Slams were on television I would watch. Other than that I don't know anyone's record or how they did against each other or who had a dominant year and who didn't, but I enjoyed watching her play because of her game, her composure, and the way she carried herself. There's just so many positives about her."

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