Quotable Quotes: On To The Next One

Confidence, momentum, that winning feeling - there's a million ways to get it. And for the 127 players who didn't win Wimbledon, they're hitting the practice courts hard for the summer season...

Published July 11, 2013 12:01

Quotable Quotes: On To The Next One
Heather Watson

LONDON, England - Confidence, momentum, that winning feeling - there's a million ways to get it. And for the 127 players who didn't win Wimbledon, they're hitting the practice courts hard...

Sam Stosur on her plans after falling to Lisicki in the third round...
"I'll go home for the first time since January. That'll be nice, to get home and take maybe a week or so off. There's certainly a lot of work to do before the hardcourt summer starts in the States. At least I feel I'm back on track now and feeling a little better about my tennis again. Now it's really just a matter of practicing hard and doing all of these things, and hopefully I can have a good run over there."

Heather Watson on her next steps and continued recovery from mono...
"I feel like my game isn't back yet - I didn't serve well, my reactions are slow, and I'm not moving like I usually move. But that will all come back with time and practice. I have a big gap now to get the training in. But first, after Grand Slams, it's definitely good to have a few days off and rest. Because it's not just the physical part a Slam takes out of you, it's the mental part. But then I definitely want to get running, get into the gym, and get back to how I was playing before I got ill. I'm looking forward to it."

Andrea Petkovic on her continued comeback...
"I'm grateful for getting the second chance, as I call it, my second career. I'm seizing every moment and enjoying being back so much. I'm trying to see the nice parts of tennis and that I can really do what I love, day in and day out. I'm very thankful for the second chance, to whoever gave it to me.

"And I feel like I'm getting better every day. I feel like I'm the tennis player, Andrea Petkovic, that I used to be. I'm really not concerned with my results right now, this year - obviously I want to win, I'm a big competitor and love the competition, but I just want to feel like I"m playing well again and moving well and feeling great on the court, and I believe that everything else will come back together."

Jamie Hampton on going back to the US after such a successful last eight weeks...
"I've played a lot of matches. I'm actually pretty proud of my body for holding up this long. It's not easy playing with two herniated discs - I have to manage that day to day. But considering I started off the European season around No.80 or so, I think I've come a long way. And I still have nothing to defend going into the US Open, so it'll be a good time to boost my ranking up a little bit more."

And on the first thing she'll do when she gets home?
"Kiss the ground."

Kaia Kanepi on where she goes next...
"Right now I'm going home, tomorrow. Then we'll see how my body feels. I'm going to decide that later. I'm starting my US Open Series in Washington. But I didn't set any goals after I came back from injury this year - I just wanted to come back and start playing well again. No goals this year, anyway."

Laura Robson on her Wimbledon experience...
"It's just been overwhelming. It's been crazy, but in a good way. I'm hoping to do better next year. For the moment I'm going to focus on the mixed, then take a couple days off after we finish that."

Elena Baltacha on her goals this year...
"Well at the moment I really need to get my ranking back so I can get myself into kind of the bigger events. I've probably missed the cut for US Open main draw. My main goal would be to try to make the Aussie Open main draw - I need to get my ranking up. Obviously from there, you set bigger targets.

"The challenge I've kind of set myself is I want my British No.1 spot back. I had it for a while. With Laura and Heather, they're young and very talented. Seeing what both of them are doing, I just find that it's a really good challenge. Realistically, am I going to get it? I don't know. But I think in a year and a half, maybe two years, with all the work I've put in, hopefully I'll be a contender for it."

Li Na on her next steps after losing a quarterfinal thriller to Radwanska...
"I will get out of here as soon as possible! But seriously, it's very tough after you lose a match to still pay attention to the tournament. After I'm out of a tournament, I usually leave and never see what happens the rest of the tournament. Maybe I'll just go shopping and try to relax a little bit."

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