Quotable Quotes: Martina Hingis

Martina Hingis met the press on Wednesday afternoon ahead of her comeback match, talking about why she's coming back, her expectations, Carlsbad and, of course, the big, burning question...

Published July 31, 2013 12:02

Quotable Quotes: Martina Hingis
Martina Hingis

CARLSBAD, CA, USA - Martina Hingis met the press ahead of her comeback match, talking about why she's coming back, her expectations, Carlsbad and, of course, the big, burning question...

On why she's coming back...
"I always had it in the back of my head, probably the last six years. But now having been back so much closer to it - helping Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova and being closer to the game, closer to the matches, mostly the doubles, I felt like I should try it again. I have a great partner in Daniela Hantuchova, and she just played awesome last night. I was like, 'Save some for today! Or just keep it up.'

"It's kind of weird just to play doubles. I'm practicing, and I'm like, 'What do I practice really?' But World TeamTennis always gets you in great shape, and over the last few years I've been playing some singles too, and being the MVP helped the confidence. The last year I've played a lot more tennis than the first few years when I stopped, so yeah, I feel pretty good. We'll see how it goes this summer."

On her expectations...
"I don't have any. Obviously I wouldn't put myself in this position if I didn't feel like I could compete at this level. It was good enough for World TeamTennis, but for this world is another question."

On how the doubles game has changed...
"It's different. When I played there were so many singles girls playing a lot more doubles - the sisters, me, Anna, Lindsay, there were six or eight girls out of the Top 10 playing doubles. Mary Pierce, even Jen sometimes, Monica - we all played doubles. It's not like now. In the Top 10 there are maybe three who play. That's a big difference. There's a much bigger opening in doubles than before."

On whether she's going to play beyond the US Open...
"If this is a complete disaster, I would not want to continue. But hopefully that's not the case!"

On the burning question - is there a singles comeback in the cards...
"Not singles, no. It's a completely different world. Even World TeamTennis now, it's brutal, it's only one set but still the next day you wake up, and you have to put so much more effort into it. Playing tournaments is the easy part - it's the grind behind it that's tough, the things behind the scenes that people don't see, the six to eight hours of training, and the older you get the more rehab you have to do. When you're 17 everything seems so easy, but now I'm almost twice the age. I wouldn't want to come out and play one or two matches and then lose third round, that's not my type of personality.

"So not at this point, no."

On Carlsbad...
"I love it here. It's a beautiful tournament. This was always the tournament I came to after having sometimes a letdown, like in '99 I lost first round at Wimbledon, I came here and was well-prepared and won the tournament. But I see the photos from '97 and '99 and I'm like, 'It's last century!'"

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