Quotable Quotes: The Burning Questions

What does Serena think of Martina's comeback? How did Agnieszka learn how to hit the tweener? Where does Marion keep her Wimbledon trophy? What was the first CD Angelique ever bought?

Published August 05, 2013 12:01

Quotable Quotes: The Burning Questions
Marion Bartoli

TORONTO, Canada - The stars of the WTA met the Canadian press at the All Access Hour in Toronto on Monday afternoon - here are some of the burning questions, and of course, their responses...

Serena Williams
On Bartoli winning Wimbledon...

"I was so happy for her. I think she works really hard, and it was really awesome to see her win. You just see people on tour year after year, and she's one of the nicest people on the tour, always so positive and always smiling, and she always works so hard. You can really be inspired by that."

On her advice to Carol Zhao, a young Canadian who came through the qualifying...
"She wouldn't want any of my advice. My experience in my first qualies match was all of 40 minutes. It was over after that. I just remember being really nervous - I was just completely nervous. At least she got to reach the main draw and she's in the first round. It's good to go through qualifying sometimes because you have some matches under your belt. And especially since she's so young - 18."

On Hingis coming back...
"I think it's great. I've always thought she's so good. She has great hands and really sees the ball well. She's a great athlete. She's really fun too. It's kind of cool she's doing this - I'm kind of still waiting for her singles comeback - I'm not sure if she's waiting for it, but I'm kind of waiting for it a little bit."

Agnieszka Radwanska
On why more women players don't use the tweener...

"I don't know! But when I was a kid I was practicing that shot against the wall. I just wanted to do it so much. Now I can do it. It was always fun trying - actually my sister and I both worked on it against the wall, trying and trying until we could do it. I'm not sure whose tweener is better now, mine or hers!"

Li Na
On what she has been up to since Wimbledon...

"I took a week and a half off. I went to Munich for five days to see the doctor to check my whole body and make sure I'm healthy - everything was okay. And then I went to China for another five days, just to do a little bit for my sponsors. So I started training again about two and a half weeks ago."

Marion Bartoli
On what she has been up to since Wimbledon...
"I've had the opportunity to do so many things outside the court. I met some soccer players who I love from Marseille, a lot of media, things like that. Then it was time to start practicing and doing the hard work again. Because I want to achieve more. I like the hard work. That's just what it'll take.

"Yes Wimbledon is great, but I want to win more. I want to stay on top and I'll try my hardest every single day to stay there. And if I fail I'll have no regrets, because I really tried my hardest."

On whether winning Wimbledon has changed her...
"Well it gives me some confidence - I know I was able to win one, so why not more than one? The competition will be tough but like I said, I'll give my best every day. But I hope it will not change me as a person. I like my values, I like the way I am, simple, humble, easy going, and easy to speak to.

"I don't want to change."

On where the Wimbledon trophy is...
"In my bedroom! After the first week of crazy media, I woke up the next morning and saw this bright light in front of me, and I was like, 'This is a good feeling.' I actually put the pictures of everyone who was involved with the victory around the trophy - I love to share those great emotions with them."

Angelique Kerber
On coming from Washington DC...
"It was really good to play the tournament in Washington. It's a very nice tournament. I had three good matches and I'm feeling better and better. I'm improving and feeling healthy. I feel really good."

On the first CD she ever bought...
"My first CD album I think was... the Backstreet Boys. It was a lot of years ago!"

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