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How did Maria Kirilenko rate her play in her first match of the summer? What advice does she have for young kids who are told they might not be good enough at tennis to make it? Read on...

Published August 06, 2013 12:01

Maria Kirilenko

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Hello again everybody!

Because I had my first match at 11, I didn't do too much this morning. I woke up (obviously), then had breakfast, packed my bag with my tennis clothes, headed to the club, did my warm-up, quickly saw the physio, then I went on court. No time for relaxing really! Just one thing after another today...

I'm happy with the match, especially since it was the first match after a long break. It's always difficult to come back with the same rhythm after a long break. But I'm happy how I played - I played solid, nothing unbelievable. Forehand, backhand, serve, volley - maybe my slice didn't work too well (just kidding!) Anyway, everything was just solid from my side, so that's why it was quite a fast match.

I'd give myself a 6 or 7 out of 10 for today. Maybe 7 :)

Now I'll do my stretching, shower and change, and then recover for tomorrow.

Yesterday I mentioned I'm watching a Russian TV show while I'm here. It's a short series, about 25 minutes per episode, and it's a comedy. I watch it online - it's just something easy to watch.

I'm going to answer some of your questions now and then we'll talk again tomorrow!

Until then...


P.S. When I came back to my room today I had a surprise from my future husband (see the picture!)

Who is your favorite player on the tour to practice with? Jeff, USA
To practice with... let me think... I've been practicing a lot with Sorana Cirstea - we like to hit with each other. And there are obviously a lot of other great players to practice with on the WTA!

What is your routine right before a match? Aaron
My routine is nothing special. It just depends when I play - if it's early it's like what I did this morning, and if I play later in the day I make sure I have a long sleep during the day. Other than that the normal stuff - go to the site, warm up, see the physio, get something to eat. I don't really have any routines with music or anything - most of all I just like to be relaxed before I play a match...

What advice do you have for young kids who are told they are not good at tennis? Fede, Mexico
It's difficult to give any specific tennis advice because I haven't seen you play, but if someone has said that and you really want to keep playing, you just have to keep going. Don't stop. Don't listen to anyone. Figure out what you want to improve and work on it. Try not to wait for help from someone else because it's just you on the court - you can improve anything. Just be positive and work hard :)

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