Quotable Quotes: Singapore & More

Does Li Na like the WTA Championships moving to Singapore? How does Victoria Azarenka feel about her new stamp in Belarus? What did Martina Hingis compare Kimiko Date-Krumm to?

Published August 23, 2013 12:00

Quotable Quotes: Singapore & More
Martina Hingis

CINCINNATI, OH, USA - The WTA stars were asked a variety of questions at the Western & Southern Open in Cincinnati last week, about Singapore, stamps and more - here they are in their own words...

Jelena Jankovic on playing more doubles this year...
"I started playing doubles this year, and I reached my career-high of No.25 in the doubles, and won the tournament in Toronto, which was amazing. The reason I started playing doubles is because I want to improve my singles game and I really want to try to come in a lot. Playing doubles helps me feel more comfortable at the net and positioning. I'm still learning right now, but I think I've improved a lot."

Li Na on the WTA Championships moving to Singapore next year...
"That's good. For me, at least I won't have jet lag. Also I think it's good for all the top players because after the US Open finishes next year there are so many tournaments in Asia, and they won't have to travel to Europe and back to Asia again. So maybe after the China Open we can have one or two weeks of training in Asia, and then go to the WTA Championships. It's just easier for everybody."

Martina Hingis on the crowds that have been coming out to her matches...
"It's been amazing how many people have come out and supported us. And the feedback that I get from the fans, like 'It's nice to have you back' and all that, it's really nice to have that feedback.

"I mean, it's really obvious when the stands are packed for a doubles match, right?"

Martina Hingis on Kimiko Date-Krumm...
"It's unbelievable at her age. I've said that over and over. She must really love tennis. I mean, I do too. But she's like a Duracell bunny, right? She's unbelievable. Keeps going and going and going."

Venus Williams on whether she gives herself pep talks if things aren't going well...
"Definitely. Always. Always lots of pep talks, lots of positivity. And I realize that I'm going to have to continue to really fight my way into my best form, but everyone has to do this at some point in their career. I've just had to do it more often than most. So I'm up for the challenge. I realize that I might not win all the matches I want to win right now, but I just have to keep working and I can get there.

"I can definitely hit the ball. There's no doubt about that. It's about putting it all together."

Victoria Azarenka on getting her own postage stamp in Belarus...
"Well, they told my mom and she asked if I wanted to do it, and I said sure, why not? They asked me what picture I wanted and I said I don't know, but just to choose one where I look good, because when you play, the faces you make, it's tough. They chose one from just before I serve, so that's good!"

Serena Williams on Gladys Knight, who was in the stands in Cincinnati...
"She's great. I've known her since I was like 17. The first thing I thought when she was on the cam was, 'When I get home, I'm going to karaoke one of her songs.' I love Gladys Knight. I'm a big fan.

"What's the name of that song? Through The Night. That's a great song. I've actually karaoked that."

Serena Williams on what's No.1 on her tennis bucket list...
"I still have some mixed doubles titles to get. The mixed doubles titles are No.1 on my tennis bucket list. I need Roland Garros, and I would really love to play with Llodra, because he's French and he's lefty and he's just great. We had plans - we could have played together this year - but my doubles partner pulled out at the last minute, so kind of messed me up a little bit. But maybe it was for the best."

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