Quotable Quotes: Serena, Vika & Sam

What are Serena Williams' first memories of the US Open? Does Victoria Azarenka ever look back to last year's final? The stars of the WTA met the press in New York on Saturday - read on...

Published August 25, 2013 12:00

Quotable Quotes: Serena, Vika & Sam
Samantha Stosur

NEW YORK, NY, USA - Serena Williams, Victoria Azarenka and Sam Stosur met the press ahead of the US Open on Saturday, talking about a variety of subjects. Here's a taste of what they said...

Serena Williams
On whether the loss to Azarenka in Cincinnati motivates her...

"I'm definitely really excited. Every time I lose, I get so pumped afterwards. I just feel that way. I just feel like now I'm ready; now I'm prepared. I almost needed that to take my game to a new level."

On Sloane Stephens' year...
"Well, I think Sloane has had such a good year this year. She's done really well in the Grand Slams, two of the Grand Slams better than I have. She's such a good player and she's so smooth. I always say she's just such a smooth player to watch. She just has this game and this confidence that, you know, that's not easy to get. It's so good to see her doing so well. It's an honor to watch, really."

On her first memories of the US Open...
"I think some of my first memories were definitely of Venus playing here and doing so well, I believe in '97. Actually, I was walking by Kathy Rinaldi yesterday, and I have reason to believe I played her in doubles. I'm pretty sure we played her and we lost. Actually I was meaning to tell Venus that. I'm not sure if that was '97 or '98. That just flooded back at me. That's one of my earliest memories."

On her memories of winning the title in 1999...
"Honestly, when the tournament started, I told myself I was going to win. I have these weird feelings all the time, and I just felt I was going to win this tournament. I wasn't really surprised - I was happy and elated, but I just had this instinct. And all the players I played I had pretty much beaten before - Martina a few times and Monica and Lindsay. I knew I could do it. It was just putting them all together."

On her feelings about the different Grand Slams...
"For me, it's the same - I'm always thinking about the Grand Slams. I'm always thinking about, 'Wow, I can't wait to get to the Open,' or, 'Gosh, I can't wait to go to Australia.' There are different memories that pop up in my mind. The Open, I just see Arthur Ashe Stadium. In Australia I see, you know, the gym for some reason. Strange, but... each Slam has different memories. It's very special."

Victoria Azarenka
On how much her win over Serena has added to her confidence coming here...

"It gives you great confidence, of course, but I always think the new week is the new story. You can always take the best out of what happened last week and even six months ago, and I will definitely take that into consideration, but US Open, Serena, No.1 player in the world, defending champion here - we all kind of start from zero. What's important is to build from match to match and just improve."

On what makes the US Open different...
"It's very different. Every Grand Slam is different. They all have a special vibe about them. Being in New York is just really exciting - I feel like it's a whole different event, really. I always look forward to coming here. And knowing it's the last Grand Slam of the year makes it even more special."

On whether she thinks back to last year's final...
"I never look back, really. I always look forward. My head doesn't spin all the way back!

"But really, it will always be a special moment for me, for sure, because I really felt like that whole tournament, and that final match, it left a big mark on my future career. I still feel that way."

Samantha Stosur
On coming back to the site of her first Grand Slam title...

"It's fantastic. I guess it's the second year coming back to the site of where I had my best tennis moment. So no matter what lead-up you've had, however you feel, you can walk in here and think, 'This is pretty cool,' and relive all those great memories and hopefully make them all happen again."

On Carlsbad...
"It took a while to win another title. That was a great week. I thought I played some of the best tennis I'd played in a long time, which is always a nice feeling. I obviously like playing on these courts and these conditions. And I'm glad I got rewarded for sticking with things and doing the hard work and all that. So now coming into the US Open, I'm feeling quite good. But of course it's a new week and you've got to make sure you keep doing everything you need to do to continue on with that success."

On recently splitting with her longtime coach, David Taylor...
"Dave and I, we had been together a long time. It was almost six years. We had some great moments in that period of time. And as these little periods have gone on, we were both feeling that we'd almost come to the end. Unfortunately, it happened to be last week. I don't think either of us would have wanted it to happen then, and with winning that tournament almost makes it seem a little bit strange, but we both felt it was time, and if something's time is up, then you've kind of got to call it a day."

On working with Alicia Molik now...
"She's obviously Fed Cup captain; she was coming here anyway, so I guess it's nice. So I guess now given my situation I can look to her for some support. So she will be out on the practice courts and watching my matches. It's just for the time being. Obviously I didn't have anything in place. It just happened last week. So she will help me here, and after this tournament I will kind of assess what I want to do, who maybe it can be, and go from there. But there's no one in particular at the moment."

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