Serena's Passion For Fashion

Serena Williams is in line to pick up a record-breaking $3.6 million if she defends her US Open crown, but where does all the money go?

Published August 28, 2013 12:00

Serena's Passion For Fashion
Serena Williams, Anna Wintour

NEW YORK, NY, USA - Worryingly for the rest of the WTA it appears that despite sweeping virtually all before her this year Serena Williams' mind may not have been fully focused on tennis.

From developing and selling her own lip-balm to her hopes of becoming an actor, Williams' off-court interests have always been as well-documented as they are diverse.

The 16-time major champion's current passion is her clothing line, Aneres - Serena backwards - which she is looking to take online. "I'm actually starting up again my company, Aneres, which is my clothing line," Williams said. "I want to make a website - it will be Aneres.com - where you can buy my designs from there.

This dovetails nicely with her work for the Home Shopping Network, where she has been seen in the past showcasing her designs. "I love working for HSN. We're doing incredible there, but I wanted to expand with Aneres," she said. "It will be really fun. I'm really excited. I'm already starting the wheels on that."

While Aneres is more up-market than her HSN line, Williams is keen not to price her fans out of the market. "It's definitely more high-end, but it's also reasonable as well.

"The prices, we're still working on it. It's going to be very affordable - it's not going to be like Forever 21, but it's going to be more or less like BCBG prices."

Moonlighting as a fashion mogul does not appear to have harmed her performances - or earnings - on the court, though. Williams has won eight titles and 61 matches in 2013 and goes into the US Open with a $3.6 million carrot dangling in front of her.

As winner of the Emirates Airline US Open Series, Williams will receive a $1 million bonus should she pick up the title and $2.6 million winner's cheque at the end of the fortnight. So, aside from her passion for fashion, where does the rest of this rapidly growing fortune go?

"I'm not a big spender. I just was thinking about getting a new place in Paris because mine's so small, but I'm just one of those girls that likes to invest in bonds and stocks and do boring things like that.

"I always have meetings with my money guy, and all we talk about is investments and blue chip companies and which ones I want to go for."

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