Quotable Quotes: Remixes & Shoelaces

Who does Serena Williams think is greater, Roger or Rafa? What's on Victoria Azarenka's iPod? When was the last time Li Na broke a racquet? Quotes from the four semifinalists, right here...

Published September 05, 2013 12:03

Quotable Quotes: Remixes & Shoelaces
Victoria Azarenka

NEW YORK, NY, USA - The four US Open semifinalists - Serena Williams, Victoria Azarenka, Li Na and Flavia Pennetta - have been playing some great ball during the last two weeks, but that's not all - they've also been dropping some great quotes in the press room. Here's a taste of what they said.

Serena Williams
On what the younger version of her would think of the career she has now...

"I feel like I've always wanted to be a tennis player and I've always wanted to win a Grand Slam, and then I kind of got greedy and I kept wanting to win more. So I don't think I would be that surprised."

On whether she goes out on the court thinking about upstaging her opponent...
"No - I'm literally going out there to play. I'm not thinking about being a star. I just want to play tennis and I want do really well at it. It's not about the stage for me; it's just about getting that ball in."

On who is greater - Roger or Rafa...
"I think it's impossible to say which one is greater. I think Roger is a great player. He's done so much for the game and the sport. He's just an unbelievable athlete and unbelievable player. He's been playing for a long time. Rafael, on the other hand, started younger, starting winning Grand Slams really young, and he's a great, great player as well. But if you're going by numbers, Roger still has more Grand Slams than Rafa, so you have to go with that... I go by numbers. I don't think I'm the greatest because Steffi has way more Grand Slams than me. I just go by what's written down, really."

Victoria Azarenka
On what's on her headphones when she comes on court...

"There's a lot of remixes Redfoo does for me actually. So there's not really names of the songs. And he did the remix to Beastie Boys, which is absolutely incredible. I also listen to Rihanna, always."

On the Nike shoes she's wearing here...
"New York is a special place with the night session. They always want to do something that's going to pop out. And I love that idea that the lights give it that brightness. It feels like you're electric with your feet - it gives me that energy. The day shoes, I think they're really funky colors. And I always have my own shoelaces, that's kind of my trademark. But yeah, I think the black shoes are really fun."

On what she would splurge on if she wins the tournament...
"Chocolate or ice cream."

On whether she believes she can win the tournament...
"Yeah. If I didn't believe that, I wouldn't be here."

Li Na
On the last time she broke a racquet...

"Five or six years ago. I love my racquet. I've never broken it!"

On why she doesn't break them...
"If you lose the point, it has nothing to do with your racquet. It's something about yourself. You have to think about why you're losing the point. You have to learn how to control yourself on the court."

On which of all of her sponsors she likes the most...
"I like all of my sponsors!"

Flavia Pennetta
On the Italian renaissance...

"It's already been a few years - since 2008, 2009, we've had so many good results, and so many of us have had good rankings. And we've won the Fed Cup three times, and we're still in the final this year. We try to play for our country all the time because we love to play for our country, but also because we have a great relationship between us. So it's nice to spend time with Sara, Roberta and Francesca - it's really lovely to stay with them all the time. But also, when I got to the Top 10 that first year, Francesca got really motivated and won Roland Garros. Then Sara got really motivated and had her great results, and we all just get motivated - and now also Karin and Giorgi are playing really well. It's great."

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