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Quotable Quotes: Victoria Azarenka

She may not have come away with the title, but Victoria Azarenka definitely won many, many new fans with her incredible fightback in the second set and her graceful words after the match.

Published September 08, 2013 12:03

Quotable Quotes: Victoria Azarenka
Victoria Azarenka

NEW YORK, NY, USA - She may not have come away with the title, but Victoria Azarenka certainly won many, many new fans with her incredible fightback in the second set and her graceful words after the match. Here's a little taste of what the World No.2 said in her post-match press conference...

On how determined she and Serena were once the match got going...
"The tension, the battle, the determination, it was raising from the first point of the match, kind of like boiling water or something. It felt like the level was raising every point. It was a great match."

On the wind...
"Well, the wind is something absolutely out of your control. It wasn't pleasant, and it sometimes was a factor on some points, but overall you just have to forget about that. It's not about the wind. It's not about the sun. It's about the match. It's about the ball. You try to do whatever it takes to win the point with whatever circumstances you have to go through. But yeah, it wasn't pleasant. Skirts were always lifting up - you had to pull it down all the time. But these are the conditions you have to play in."

On whether she had a letdown at the start of the third set...
"No, there was no letdown. There was a moment in the third set where the momentum changed a little bit, and I kind of felt like I lost that momentum. But it wasn't because Serena didn't do something, and it didn't happen just because I was out of focus or something - she really made it happen. And in that particular moment she was tougher today. She was more consistent and really deserved to win.

"I wish I could have done something better today. I had opportunities in the first set, as well. But it's okay. It goes that way. I did everything I could. I gave my heart and I fought as hard as I could.

"That's important to me, that I lost to a great champion, but I'm still going to have my head up."

On Serena...
"Well, there's one word. She's a champion, and she knows how to repeat that. She knows what it takes to get there. I know that feeling too. And when two people who want that feeling so bad meet, it's like a clash. And in the important moments it's who is more brave, who is more consistent, or who takes more risks. And with somebody like Serena you definitely have to take risks. You can never play safe.

"Some matches against me she wins 7-5 in the third, and then when we play in the Olympics and the score is 1 and 2. But overall, when you have a bigger challenge in front of you in anything in life, or in practice, you try to be better. As I've mentioned before, she's my biggest challenge. Every time I play her I need to raise my level. In other matches, even if you're not playing your best you find a way to work through it and win ugly sometimes, but with her you really have to rise to the occasion. And I always look for the opportunity to play against the best player and test myself, feel the challenge.

"Now I'm going to reassess what things I want to improve. I already have a pretty clear image."

On her serve compared to Serena's...
"I'm going to try to improve that particular aspect, because the gap between Serena's serve and my serve is pretty big. But I don't want to compare that because I think she has the best serve of all time, definitely. I'm just moving forward and trying to find the way to raise my level in that aspect."

On moving forward...
"I'm just going to take the best out of what happened today, because there are a lot of positive things. What's negative is the result. But overall, to see how much you rise to the occasion compared to the other matches, I think it's pretty remarkable. And the challenge in front of me is only going to make me more motivated. We showed everyone today that the women's game is really, really competitive.

"There's no other way than going out there and working hard again."

On what's next...
"For the next couple of days I can't wait to go back home to Belarus and see my family and everyone and just kind of relax a little bit, take a couple of days off, and then get right back at it."

On who is going to win the men's final...
"I don't know. Who do I want to win? You know, Rafa convinced me to support him."

And just how did he convince her?
"How? He was practicing with his shirt off!"

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