Quotable Quotes: Istanbul, Thursday

Is Li Na surprised Jelena Jankovic is back in the Top 10? Who has a tougher time getting over losses, Agnieszka Radwanska or Petra Kvitova? What will Serena Williams do on her day off? Read on...

Published October 24, 2013 12:14

Quotable Quotes: Istanbul, Thursday
Serena Williams

ISTANBUL, Turkey - Is Li Na surprised Jelena Jankovic is back in the Top 10? Who has a tougher time getting over losses, Agnieszka Radwanska or Petra Kvitova? What will Serena Williams do on her day off? The answers to all of those questions and more, right here in Quotable Quotes... read on.

Li d Jankovic, 63 26 63

Jelena Jankovic
On Li's performance...

"Li played a great match. She was hitting the ball so well. I was up there - I was very close - but just a few points at the end made the difference and decided the winner. So it was disappointing, of course, but I still have another match tomorrow, and hopefully I can still qualify for the semifinals here."

On her mentality going forward...
"Even though I lost today, I think I played a great match. There's no reason to put my head down or be negative and disappointed. I just have to learn from my mistakes and move on. There's another day tomorrow, and I have to work hard tomorrow too to put myself into a position to be playing the semis.

"When you're playing this format, every match counts and every set counts. It's not like in the other tournaments where, when you lose, you're out of the tournament. Here you can still win."

Li Na
On whether she's surprised Jankovic is back in the Top 10...
"It's really not a surprise, because she was a former No.1, so she has the level to be in the Top 10."

On why this match was so much closer than their US Open match...
"Maybe at the US Open I was playing better than today. Maybe it was one of my best matches there. But also we know each other so well - when she swings her racquet, I already know where she's going to put the ball, and same for her. That's why you could see we were moving a lot on the court."

Kerber d Radwanska, 62 62

Agnieszka Radwanska
On what happened in the match...

"Well, I think she played really well, and this is definitely not my favorite surface to play on. But it's no excuse - everybody has the same court to play on. I guess I was just really tired from the whole season, so it's not just about here. I guess I just didn't have any power for the match today."

On getting over losses...
"I don't really have a problem with that. Of course, the next couple of hours will not be great, but this is sport. You're not winning all the time. One hand you have to know how to win and the other hand you really have to know how to lose. This is not my last tournament ever, so you have to deal with that."

Angelique Kerber
On whether her day off helped her...

"Actually I was not thinking about this. I was just focusing on myself and preparing for the match like for everyone. The loss against Serena two days ago, I just took the positive things and I was practicing very well yesterday. I wasn't thinking about the day off, I was really just focusing on myself."

Serena d Kvitova, 62 63

Petra Kvitova
On the biggest difference between she and Serena in the match...

"She was just too good today. And she had a great serve. I think it was the biggest difference between the two of us. From the baseline I think we can play good rallies from both sides, but the serve, she can hit almost 200 kilometers, and I don't think my serve is that fast. I need to improve my serve."

On whether it's easy to forget about a loss and move on to the next match...

Serena Williams
On what pleases her most about her game these days...

"Just my focus. Not anything tangible - I would say my focus is what's pleasing me most of all."

On what she'll do on her day off now...
"I'm definitely going to watch the matches. I enjoy watching matches, so I'll definitely do that.

"And then just lollygag around. Nothing serious."

On the WTA's new partnership with SAP...
"In the past I have not paid a lot of attention to stats, but I think stats are very important. Since the WTA has been able to merge with the new partner, I have been looking more into stats. I really believe in change, and I think technology can really help a player. And having that opportunity to have different types of stats on different players, that can only help you, so I'm definitely a big fan of it."

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