Quotable Quotes: Istanbul, Friday

Why did an injured Victoria Azarenka finish her match against Li Na? How did Jelena Jankovic and Sara Errani motivate themselves when they knew their match had no effect on the semifinals?

Published October 25, 2013 12:12

Quotable Quotes: Istanbul, Friday
Victoria Azarenka

ISTANBUL, Turkey - Catch up on all the best quotes from the last day of round robin play at the TEB BNP Paribas WTA Championships - Istanbul. All six players who were in action spoke their minds...

Li d Azarenka, 62 61

Victoria Azarenka
On the injury she suffered mid-way through the first set...

"I served really hard and really locked my back. Everything just can't move to one side. I don't know what really happened. It was just a bad movement and everything moved, big spasm - no flexibility."

On why she played on...
"There are a few reasons why. It's a no-win situation here retiring, and the other thing is I wanted to do my best. I don't have a tournament next week. The physio told me I'm really locked - that there's really no structural damage, but it can't be fixed that quickly. But most importantly I just wanted to try to do my best for the fans who came and watched our match, and for respect for my opponent.

"It was just about trying to do the most you can out there."

On the internal battle between feeling the pain and wanting to play on...
"I was thinking, 'How can I stay here, and what can I do just to not feel pain for one more second? Sometimes when I had to get off the chair it was really challenging. So I was thinking about position, how I can get up better with less pain. Then you try to see the ball, and you try to still have a little bit of a game plan out there. So it's a big mess of emotions that your mind just goes through, really."

Li Na
On becoming No.3 if she wins one more match...
"I'm not thinking about how my ranking is going, because I'm still in the tournament."

On making her first WTA Championships semifinal in her third attempt...
"I was really happy I could be here for the third time in a row. The first time was very exciting, the second time was a little bit exciting, and this year I was feeling more confident, understanding more of what I should do on the court or off the court. This time I have a little bit more experience."

Kvitova d Kerber, 67(3) 62 63

Angelique Kerber
On the match...

"I gave everything I could today. I'm a little bit disappointed, of course, but Petra was playing very well in the important moments. My serve was not really the best today, but I was trying everything.

"At the end Petra played better, and I just have to say well done to her."

On playing Li in the semifinals now...
"She's played really well here. I've watched some matches while waiting for my matches this week, and she's on fire. I think she's in great form. I played her in Beijing, and it was a pretty close match, every game - I was just lucky. I think it's going to be a big fight, a nice match for the people and for us, too. I'm always looking forward to playing her. I know it's going to be really great tennis tomorrow.

"And I like her as a person, so I'm really looking forward to tomorrow."

Errani d Jankovic, 64 64

Jelena Jankovic
On playing a match after learning she had already qualified for the semis...

"It was important for me to play well tonight, but unfortunately I got a little cold, and I felt really flat-footed out there, and low energy, and I didn't have that intensity I needed. I wanted to win, but there was just nothing coming out of me. Hopefully I can have a good night of sleep and feel better tomorrow. I need the energy to play against Serena and have that high intensity, and perform at a high level."

Sara Errani
On playing a match after learning she couldn't qualify for the semis anymore...

"We are in a Masters, so every match is important for me, even if I'm already out. I'm very happy to have won. I think Jelena is an incredible player, and she will be in the semifinals, so I was just trying to fight the best I could. And I think I played well on the court today. I'm really happy to win today."

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