Quotable Quotes: Li Na

Does Li Na feel closer to beating Serena Williams after pushing her to three sets? How does she look back at her breakthrough 2013 season? What about those secret vacation plans? Here she is...

Published October 27, 2013 12:13

Quotable Quotes: Li Na
Li Na, Stacey Allaster

ISTANBUL, Turkey - She may not have ended up with the title, but Li Na had an historic week at the TEB BNP Paribas WTA Championships - Istanbul, and afterwards she met the press and opened up.

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On the mid-match turnaround...
"At the start of the match, maybe I was feeling too excited. So after one set and a half I felt like I had no more energy left. And also it's a tough tournament here - I've played five days in a row now, and every opponent I played was in the Top 8 in the world. I just never had an easy match in this tournament.

"But the match is over. You cannot think backwards. The score is already there. Everyone saw it was 6-0 in the third set. I have a little bit of a bad taste, because it's 6-0, but I still feel more positive things than negative. At least in the whole match I was using a lot of serve and volleying. I was trying as much as I could to come to the net. So it was an improvement there and I'm still happy overall."

On adding that net game to her repertoire this year...
"It hasn't been automatic - it's not like when I'm on the baseline, when I already know where I should hit and what I should do. Serve and volley for me is still new. I've been nervous doing it, of course, so doing it well today makes me very happy. I don't know how many times I came to the net, but I didn't make that many mistakes when I got there. So I think I should continue to do this next year."

On whether she feels closer to beating Serena after pushing her to three sets...
"I was feeling much, much better than when I played her at the US Open. I've worked so hard to prove that I can be at this level. I tried my best - even if I had no more energy after one and a half sets, that's still my problem. Maybe I should work even harder in the wintertime to improve for next year."

On how her achievements in 2013 make her feel going into 2014...
"The whole team, we try to do what we say, and we finally made it. But I think it's too early to start thinking about goals for next year - right now I'm only focusing on where I should be for vacation!"

On those vacation plans, when pressed again for them...
"It's a secret."

On the WTA Championships moving to Singapore next year...
"I've never been to Singapore, but I know the city is really looking forward to the WTA Championships being there. But first I have to make it to the WTA Championships before going there, of course."

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