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Quotable Quotes: Serena Williams

How did Serena Williams fill up the gas tank for the final? What does she think about Li Na? Is she happy or sad that the WTA Championships is moving from Istanbul to Turkey? Read on...

Published October 27, 2013 12:14

Quotable Quotes: Serena Williams
Osman Tural, Serena Williams

ISTANBUL, Turkey - Serena Williams met the press after winning the TEB BNP Paribas WTA Championships, the 11th WTA title of arguably the best season of her career. Here she is...

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On her comments from the day before about running on empty...
"I really don't know. I felt good this morning, much better than I did yesterday, but then in practice I was like, 'Oh no.' I was a little worried, but I just hung in there and just kept going and going today."

On what she did to refuel last night...
"Well, nothing. My mom just said maybe I should get out of my room and go to dinner. So we all had dinner last night. You know, I didn't do anything out of the norm. I didn't do treatment. I just tried to get my mind off of tennis all together, and in the long run I think it helped me in the final today."

On whether the first game of the second set was a turning point...
"I guess looking back it was definitely a very important game for me to win. She had been on a real roll. I guess I was determined to win that game at any cost. I think it was important, looking back."

On Li...
"Well, she's a great player. You can see her improving so much. I see her improving every time we play. Most of all, she motivates me to want to improve, as well, seeing she's definitely older and she's still able to add more to her game. I definitely want to keep doing the same too. So it's good."

On the WTA Championships moving to Singapore next year...
"Well, I'm really excited and at the same time I'm really sad, because Istanbul was such a great place to host it. Everybody was so excited to be here. The fans were unbelievable and excellent. But you have to go to the next city. I can only hope I will be in Singapore next year, and I look forward to it."

On whether 2013 was fun for her...
"It was an awesome year of tennis. To end with the Billie Jean King trophy after 40 years and after everything we have celebrated this year, I don't know if it's written, but it's just really exciting.

"I haven't had a lot of time to think about it, but I'm really happy I was able to finish it off like this."

On shattering the single season prize money record for women's tennis...
"It feels great. I knew that this is a great big prize, and again, it's what these pioneers did for us. The picture where they held a dollar - and now you win tournaments for over $2 million - it's amazing.

"I just feel honored and blessed to have an opportunity to benefit from such courageous women."

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