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How did Elena Vesnina feel about her first match of the week? What's the best cure for a tough moment? Who else was working hard in the gym? All that and more in today's blog from Sofia...

Published October 30, 2013 12:02

Elena Vesnina

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hello again everyone,

I had my first match today, but it wasn't until 5pm, so I had some time during the day. It was an easy morning for me, I went for a walk again to the center of the city. Yesterday I went to the Russian church and the statue, then this morning I went to the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, which was a bit of a longer walk. I saw some street artists too - the painters who show you their work - and some of their work is really beautiful. I didn't buy anything, but I think I might go back and do that sometime this week...

Then I went to the gym, where I saw our umpire, Kader Nouni! He was working very hard. It's good that our umpires are working hard and getting fit too! Then I had some lunch, came to the site, had a warm-up on the center court, and then just tried to prepare for the match, my first of the tournament.

The match was a difficult one for me. Sam obviously played really well today - she was serving well and using her opportunities. I'm not happy about the second set. I was up 3-0 and had some good chances to win the set, but I didn't use them. I was a bit upset about my serve, I had a couple of double faults in the key moments, and usually I'm not doing that. The ball is flying here a little bit - you can feel it a lot during the match - so I was trying to put more spin on the serve, and I lost my rhythm a bit.

Sam was really aggressive and played a really good match. She's in really good form right now.

I was going to have dinner in the city tonight, but I'm feeling a little bit tired now, so I'll probably just have dinner on site. We have good food on site, so I'll just have a quiet dinner here.

Talk to you all again tomorrow,


How do you pick yourself up after tough moments - what things make you happy? Martina
Good question! Most of the time I just need to talk on the phone with family. If it was a tough match and one of them saw it, they can cheer me up - sometimes I'll think I was playing really badly and I was doing the wrong things, and my dad or my coach will tell me I didn't play that badly, that I just have to work on it, and that sometimes it was just unlucky or the other player was just better than me in that moment. So they'll tell me not to be mad at myself, and that there's a tournament every week, and another chance coming soon to play better, and I can learn more from the losses than the wins.

How does Sofia compare with Sochi? Nick
It's very similar weather here. In Sochi right now it's +23 C, in Sofia it's +20 C. It's a very sunny city here too. In Sochi there's more trees and nature and we have the Black Sea, but there are still a lot of similar things. It's very European here and they have very nice, friendly people. I'm really enjoying it.

What is it like playing in both of the year-end tournaments? Nick
It means a lot. I feel like I did a really good job this year and I'm happy I'm able to play in both championships. I'm just going to try to do my best. I still have some matches left here in Sofia, so I want to do well in these last couple of matches, and we'll see how it's going to go this week...

Elena's Blog: From Istanbul To Sofia 

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