Stanford, USA. Jul 28 - Aug 03
PUR Flag Monica Puig 15 7 7 2 1
USA Flag Sachia Vickery 15 6 4 6 5

Tweets Of The Week: Nails & Stuff

Come to every Monday for the best player and fan tweets from the week. This week was a busy one - Sugarpova, Cheesecake Factory, Harvard Law, Ottawa Sens, Ace Of Cakes, these nails...

Published December 09, 2013 12:05

Every week on we're going to bring you 10 of the best tweets from the stars of the WTA, as well as three of the best tweets from you, the fans. Come back every Monday and check it out!

Today, with the off-season in full swing, the stars of the WTA are all over the map. Check it out...

And now, some of your best tweets...

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