Quotable Quotes: Li Na

How does this one compare to her French Open victory? What word would she use to summarize these last two weeks? What's her next goal? Li Na met the press after her Australian Open triumph.

Published January 25, 2014 12:13

Quotable Quotes: Li Na
Li Na

MELBOURNE, Australia - Li Na met the press after winning the second Grand Slam title of her career at the Australian Open on Saturday night. Here's a taste of what the soon-to-be World No.3 said...

On the seemingly nervous beginning of the match...
"At the beginning of the match I think both of us were tight, nervous. I don't think I had a very good first serve either. But I just kept trying to do my best on the court and hang in there to see what I could do, and after I won the first set it was much better. I just kept trying to hit the ball in the court."

On when she felt she started controlling the match...
"In the beginning it was tough because I was tight. Before I came on the court I told myself not to think about it and just play my game, but in this situation you can't think it's a normal match. The final is the final. So the beginning was tough, but I think I started playing well when the tie-break started."

On her relatively calm celebration after match point...
"When she was serving at 15-40, I was thinking about what I should do after I win the match. It's amazing, I was already thinking about that. But after I lost that point, I just tried not to think. I just tried to focus on that point. And when I won the match, I was really, really excited about everything.

"I would have tried to go and hug my team, but it's too high - I cannot reach it!"

On becoming the oldest woman to win the Australian Open in the Open Era...
"I'm not old! But yeah, at the start of the tournament everyone was talking about age. I would like to say age is nothing. You can still win a Grand Slam. I'm pretty happy about my age. I have experience."

On how this one compares to her French Open victory...
"I prepared for this one a lot more. Every round and every day I was thinking about what I should do every match. I prepared what I should do for the semis, again for the final - at the French I just went for it and didn't think about winning or losing. This one, I was really wishing I could do well.

"And people might not know how hard I was working mentally to make this one."

On belief...
"You know, last year when I said I wanted to be Top 3 in the world, nobody believed me. And at the beginning of this year I said I wanted to win another Grand Slam title, and nobody believed me.

"The most important thing is I believe, Carlos believes and my team believes. That's all."

On what word she would use to summarize the last two weeks...
"Tough. It really is. You see in the end I have the title, but people don't see how tough the work I've done was, and how tough a job I had to do to get here. Also it was very tough to play Safarova, 43 degrees, three hours on the court - it's very tough to hang in there and finally win the match."

On her next goal...
"It's very easy to say I want to win another one, but I know how much work it takes to win a Grand Slam. So if I want to win another one or two, I have to go back on the court and work very hard.

"Otherwise, no chance."

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