Quotable Quotes: Venus Williams

How impressed was she by Alizé Cornet? Is there extra motivation playing someone who just beat Serena? Does she feel like she's getting back to Grand Slam-winning form? Here she is...

Published February 22, 2014 12:14


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DUBAI, UAE - Venus Williams met the press after taking home her third Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships title on Saturday night - here's a taste of what the former World No.1 said...

On the final...
"First of all, I think Alizé is playing great. I think if she continues to play like that, she's going to play deep in a lot of tournaments and keep improving. I think it's great to see that, because she's a great addition to the game. She brings so much passion on the court, so it's great to see her playing well. I mean, I was definitely fully expecting to play Serena, so for her to get that win was awesome.

"But I have had a good week. Everything is falling together pretty much, is all I can say."

On if she feels like she's getting back to Grand Slam-winning form...
"Winning all those Grand Slam titles, playing deep and getting to the final so many times, those are amazing accomplishments. It takes a lot of nerve and mental prowess. I'd like to think I'm on that path.

"But I'm not looking to do anything I did in the past, because I already did that. I'm looking to improve and be a better, smarter Venus. This week is obviously a step - every week for me is a step."

On whether playing an opponent that has beaten Serena is extra motivation...
"I think Serena and I have so much respect for each other that when someone else beats one of us, we think, 'Wow, what did they do?' I didn't see a lot of their match because I was kind of expecting Serena to win, so when I saw she was down I was like, 'Wow.' So when I came on the court today I was trying to get a feel for what she did to beat Serena yesterday. And obviously I was able to see what that was on the court today - she's playing so consistently out there and hustling and making the right plays.

"I think the difference between me and Serena was just that I put a few more balls in the court today, and I think Serena set up her points to win them but couldn't quite put the ball in. She hadn't played since Australia, and I played a few extra rounds last week, so that probably helped me."

On Serena's support through her struggles...
"Serena has been extremely supportive. My whole family has been - they've changed their lifestyle for me. As a family we've gotten healthier. It's been amazing, and Serena was just always in my corner. No matter how tough things get, she's there. It makes me feel better - makes me keep going."

On how she's been getting healthier...
"How? I pray and try a million different things all the time. That's pretty much what I do."

On getting within one of Justine Henin's record four titles in Dubai...
"Right now it's not a target, but next year it probably will be. Like I was saying earlier in the week, I couldn't even come here the last few years. So just to be able to be here and compete was the first thing that made me so happy, and then obviously to play well, win the title and have this wonderful streak here is definitely an accomplishment. Maybe it's not as much as Justine yet, but there are a lot of people who haven't done as much as her, so it's definitely not something to be upset about."

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