Quotable Quotes: Catsuits & Caskets

Would Serena Williams wear the catsuit again? What made Sloane Stephens think she might wake up in a casket? All the best quotes from Charleston, right here!

Published April 01, 2014 12:13

Quotable Quotes: Catsuits & Caskets
Sloane Stephens

CHARLESTON, SC, USA - The stars of the WTA met the press at the Family Circle Cup's All Access Hour - here's a taste of what Eugenie Bouchard, Serena Williams and Sloane Stephens said...

Eugenie Bouchard
On the power she has been adding into her game...

"I think I have really developed in that way. About a year and a half ago, my coach Nick said, 'Look. You need to add more power to your shots. Against the top players you need to be able to hurt them and finish the points.' And it's been a continuous work in progress. Every day in practice I'm trying to add power. You don't want to cross that line where you start to lose your consistency, but that's what we're working on now, just finding the right balance. I think it's really helping my game right now.

"That's why junior success doesn't always translate to pro success. You need to play for the future."

Serena Williams
On the favorite tennis outfits she has ever worn...

"My favorite outfits would probably the catsuit from the 2002 US Open, or the jean skirt from the 2004 US Open. Those two were my favorites. I helped design them too. They were just super cool."

On whether she would wear the catsuit again...
"I probably would, yeah, why not? I still have it, of course."

On recently tweeting #supercute for one of Sharapova's outfits...
"I don't really take note of everything everyone's wearing, but if something catches my eye - like hers did - I'll say something. I usually just see them while I'm watching the tennis."

Sloane Stephens
On how all her birthday presents from Target worked out...

"I got a lot. My mom was really upset - she went home and she was like, 'There's still stuff coming. I don't understand.' Some of it I ordered myself online. The list was for my family, actually, and they were like, 'Finally we can do something,' but then they just got lazy in the end. But it worked out."

On the trip from Miami to Charleston...
"Funny story - we had a flight at 3pm to come to Charleston direct from Miami, and everyone thought that was a great idea, but then the flight got cancelled. Abigail Spears was in the airport too, so my coach Paul thought it would be a great idea to drive to Charleston. So we waited for our bags at the airport for three hours, and then we all got in the car and drove to Charleston. Me, Abigail, Paul and Andrew. We ended up getting here at 3:30 in the morning that night, and since then it's been a blur."

On the drive...
"Wow. Honestly, it was special. Paul was driving, and I didn't sleep because I was afraid for my life. That was the worst part about the whole trip. I was like, 'I cannot go to sleep, because I'm gonna wake up and I'm gonna be in a -- I'm NOT gonna wake up. Like, I'm just gonna be in a casket.'"

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