Quotable Quotes: Eugenie Bouchard

How did WTA Rising Star Eugenie Bouchard feel about the final? What was it like seeing Princess Eugenie in the Royal Box? What's she going to do now? Read on...

Published July 05, 2014 12:14

Quotable Quotes: Eugenie Bouchard
Eugenie Bouchard

LONDON, England - Eugenie Bouchard was the first of the two Wimbledon finalists to head into the press room after Saturday's final - here's what the WTA Rising Star said in her own words...

On the match...
"Well, I first of all have to give full credit to my opponent. She played unbelievable and didn't give me many opportunities. She's been playing well all tournament and was really going for it today.

"I started well and was in there, but I didn't feel like I was able to play my game. She really took the chances away from me and was putting a lot of pressure on me. I didn't have many opportunities.

"But sometimes your opponent just plays better than you, and that's what happened today."

On whether she has ever felt an opponent play as well as Kvitova did...
"I don't know if I can think of a specific match, but for sure she was on. She has weapons. We know that when she's on, she's very tough to beat, especially on this surface. She's been in the final before and all these things. I just have to give her credit - you know, she deserved to win today."

On saying during her on-court interview that she didn't deserve the crowd's love...
"I'm always hard on myself. Maybe a bit too much. But that's what motivates me to do better. I never want to be satisfied. Of course I'm disappointed with a loss today, but I will realize how far I've come this year already and appreciate the hard work I've put in and really believe that I can be at the top level of the game. That will give me motivation. So I think I'll look back and I'll be okay."

On the overall experience of the final...
"It was very special. It was different. We were holding flowers instead of our tennis bags. The applause was really loud when we walked out. That's the main thing that registered in my mind. I just felt so grateful to be able to walk out on a stage and have a chance to perform and do what I love."

On Princess Eugenie being in the Royal Box for the final...
"I know, that was crazy. I did see her in the box. I'm very happy that she came out. Disappointed I couldn't put on a better show for her, but I'd love to meet her, of course.

"It's the only person I'm named after. The only one in the world."

On how she'll look at this result moving forward...
"I think it's a tough road to try to become as good as I want to be no matter what. I'm not going to win every single time. I think this was a good experience for me, my first Slam final.

"I'm going to learn a lot from this and hopefully use it to get much better."

On her hunger to win a major...
"I'm very motivated to win a Grand Slam. It's been a lifelong dream of mine. I feel like I've taken steps in the right direction. This year I've been close in every Slam, so I'll just keep going."

On what she's going to do the next few days...
"I'll take a little bit of time off - much deserved, I think. I've been playing a lot of tennis in the past few months at a really high level. I'll take some time off for the mind and body. When I'm ready, going to hit the practice courts again and definitely be really excited about the second half of the year.

"But right now I will kind of catch up with my family and my team. I'm definitely going to go back to Montréal and rest a little bit. It's been a while since I've been back home. But for now, just not going to think about a racquet for a few days at least. Maybe a week. We'll see how it goes."

On what she did when they went off court while the roof closed for the trophy ceremony...
"Yeah, it was a little odd. I sat down. I put my jacket on. Just reflected. I was in the engraver's room, so I was watching them work, wishing one day, dreaming that he'll write my name somewhere."

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