Quotable Quotes: Venus Williams

How does she feel about her upcoming clash with Victoria Azarenka? What does she think of Sabine Lisicki breaking her serve speed record? All that and more right here!

Published July 30, 2014 12:15


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STANFORD, CA, USA - Venus Williams met the press after her first round win at the Bank Of The West Classic on Tuesday night, answering a wide variety of questions - here's a taste of what she said.

On where she read she had reached the final in Stanford seven times before... ahem...
"I heard that and I had no idea I had that record actually. I think here and Wimbledon are probably my best performances. I was reading a stat on wtatennis.com and I had no idea so I had to go and look back at all those years. I was like, 'Oh that's who I played?' It definitely triggered the memory."

On her serve speed record being broken by Sabine Lisicki on Tuesday...
"Yeah, I think it's time that was broken. It's a good thing. She clearly serves really hard. These days I'm trying more for placement, because it takes a lot of energy to serve, so if you can just take 10mph off and place it smarter, it still works well. But I think this is good encouragement for me.

"I just have to start trying to serve harder."

On playing Victoria Azarenka in the second round on Thursday...
"I think I've played a few more matches than her this year, probably not by much. I played a couple of matches during the clay court season, and then Wimbledon, and she's gotten a couple in - but in terms of match play I'm probably just a little bit ahead. Hopefully that will work to my advantage.

"But she's always a tough competitor. I'll need to be focused and on my toes."

On making her professional debut at this tournament in 1994 when it was held in Oakland...
"It's great to still be feeling well enough to be playing well enough on this tour. It's much more competitive than 20 years ago. It's been a long journey. I don't know if at that age I envisioned myself still playing now, but I'm glad I am. Because you only get one shot at this, and then you fade to grace and someone else comes along who's better - so while I'm here I'm going to go for it."

On how long she plans to keep playing...
"Well, as long as I'm good! I'm running pretty fast. If I get slow, and terrible, then I'll probably stop. But I'm not having any kids right now, it seems, and I don't have any husband telling me what to do, and I don't have to argue every day, so for me it's pretty easy to just keep playing tennis right now."

On Grand Slams...
"Grand Slams are what I play for. I wouldn't be playing through all of my challenges if I didn't think that was what I am playing for. I don't want to hopefully win a few rounds and show face, do a song and dance - that's not what I'm here for. That's why I continue to work through any issues I have.

"Singles, doubles, anywhere, anything - it doesn't matter to me. It's a Grand Slam title."

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