#PowerToInspire: Angelique Kerber

As part of the WTA's new Power To Inspire campaign, we asked you to tell us how clay court queen Angelique Kerber inspires you - here are 10 of your best submissions.

Published May 03, 2015 12:14


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MADRID, Spain - She may not walk away with a third straight Premier-level title in Madrid, but back-to-back Premier triumphs at Charleston and Stuttgart - and an 11-match win streak on clay - put former No.5 Angelique Kerber right back into the conversation as a threat for the biggest prizes in 2015.

We asked you to tell us how the German inspires you - here are 10 of your best submissions!

Angie is an incredible fighter, which definitely amazes me most about her. This may sound too general, but it's what describes her power to inspire best. Not only that she's fighting sedulously within a single point, game, set or match, but also over several months - no matter if it pays of right at that moment or at a later time. It's always worth to get up or stay awake for her matches, messaging friends nervously after each point, just to see one of her awesome "kneeing backhands". I also like how down to earth she is. Lastly, she's one of the players who inspired me to create a clay court on my apartment's wall ;-)
~ Tennis Baronin

Angelique Kerber epitomises everything I love about tennis: strength, determination, fight and above all, heart. I live in Hobart, Australia, so often the time difference means I am watching tennis at 2 or 3am, but it is all so worth it. Angelique is a huge asset to the sport; she is always so sporting to her opponents. I am always inspired by Angelique every day, and when I play tennis myself. I am so pleased to see her win back-to-back titles. Thank you for being a wonderful tennis player, but above all, a wonderful person that inspires others. #TeamAngie
~ Mitch, Australia

I think Angelique Kerber has taught me never to give up and keep believing in myself, no matter how tough things get. "There is light at the end of every tunnel", and Angie's 2015 journey is a perfect example of this. Not only did she win back-to-back titles in Charleston and Stuttgart, but she also defeated the defending champions en route to the finals, which was the cherry on the cake.
~ Nikki

Angelique is my hero, my idol, my inspiration. She inspires me because she wins through sheer grit, fight and heart. She has given me so many happy memories, none more so than when she defeated Sharapova at Wimbledon last year. Off the court, she is sweet, beautiful, funny and down to earth. Angelique inspires me to try and be a better person, and I can't imagine tennis, or my life, without her!
~ James, Australia

Ever since I saw Kerber beat Clijsters 6-1 6-1 at Wimbledon I knew she was special. Despite close losses in finals in the past, she kept fighting and now has two well-deserved titles in 2015. You inspire me to never ever give up. Keep going Angie!
~ Will, England

I admire Angie for her tremendous fighting spirit. No matter what the scoreboard says she is willing to run down every ball. And even though she might seems desperate at some changeovers, she always believes in herself. Besides her success in the recent years she always remained very down to earth and modest, which makes her very likeable. Angie is a real role model for every young athlete out there. I'm looking forward to many more exciting matches with her.
~ Kevin

If you want to know what pure hustle and fight looks like, watch Angelique Kerber. She inspires me to never quit during a match, because it isn't over until it's over. She got to the semis of a Grand Slam ranked 92 in the world! She followed that with three consecutive seasons in the Top 10! She lets me know anything is possible if you work hard. Her current form shows the power of self-belief and confidence. She is my inspiration!
~ Chase

She's a beautiful tennis player and a terrific role model to everyone. She has bounced back really well since the start of the year, which shows that anything is possible. She's one of the best tennis players in this era, with a great personality. She will do terrific things in the future.
~ Ranithri

Angelique Kerber grimaces, clutches her thigh and loses the point, 3-0 down, and things get worse as she loses the first set. Many players would have thrown in the towel, but not Angie - she battles back, point by point, game by game, not giving into doubt or pain, and through sheer guts and determination wins the second set and eventually the match. She's an inspiration to us all - no matter where you are, keep your dignity and put in more and more hard work, and just keep believing.
~ Mike

Kerber inspires me because she never gives up. Even if she is almost out in a match, she is still able to believe in herself and to keep on fighting for every single point. She does not have a power style like Williams or Kvitova, but she is a hard worker and shows us all what you can achieve if you work hard for your goals!
~ Jens

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