Having overcome Hodgkin's lymphoma, Alisa Kleybanova made a full comeback to the WTA over the summer - and it didn't take her long to start winning again. Watch her ESPN profile right here.
WTA Staff

NEW YORK, NY, USA - After coming back to the WTA from Hodgkin's lymphoma, Alisa Kleybanova wasn't expecting much - just being back on the court was a blessing. But it didn't take her long to start winning again - she won a round in her comeback tournament at Miami last year and has won rounds at two of the three WTA events she has played this year. All of it has been a bonus for the Russian.

During the US Open, Kleybanova - a former Top 20 player in singles, and former Top 10 player in doubles - was profiled by ESPN. Watch the video here - and here's to a bright second career for her.