Tonic Lifestyle Apparel worked with Martina Hingis on a full tennis collection, which recently launched.
WTA Staff

Vancouver-based Tonic Lifestyle Apparel and WTA legend Martina Hingis have joined forces on the company's first complete tennis collection.

"When you go out to play tennis, you want to feel nice," Hingis said. "You want to feel like a woman and know that your clothes won't let you down. What's so great about this line is its versatility and comfort, making it wearable from club to professional level."

Tonic emerged on the West Coast fashion scene in 2004 with yoga attire. Since then, it has built up its fabrication, production and design elements, and is now recognized as a multi-functional performance and lifestyle brand.

While in a sports store in Chelsea, Hingis noticed the softness and unique look of Tonic clothes. After wearing them for the first time at Wimbledon in 2010, she suggested launching a tennis line - an idea that recently become reality.

"We found a real solution to beauty, comfort and femininity," Hingis said. "It's great to create a line like this. And I think that today it is also important that we go back to the classics - to the tradition of the sport. I always appreciate that."

Hingis' career was highlighted by 43 singles titles - five of them Grand Slams - and 37 doubles titles - nine of them Grand Slams. She spent 209 weeks as World No.1 in singles, fourth-most of any player in history. She also spent 35 weeks as World No.1 in doubles.

Among her off-court accomplishments are being the World Health Organization's Goodwill Ambassador of Polio Eradication, being involved in the United Nations' "Team to End Poverty" campaign and on the fashion front, having been the first female athlete ever to grace the cover of GQ Magazine in 1998.

Hingis and the Tonic designers believe that while tennis styles should evolve with trends, they should not disregard tradition.

"This collection achieves subtle yet distinguishable details and elegant movement while maintaining traditional tennis culture," said Tonic head designer Jenny Grad. "We offer a selection of fitted athletic tanks, bra tops, skirts and dresses in a variety of seasonal and sporting trend colors."

Check out Tonic Lifestyle Apparel's Hingis collection right here!