As a result of the first week rain delays the All England Club is putting on sale 22,000 tickets for the Middle Sunday. Find out how to buy them here...
WTA Staff

On Friday night the All England Club announced that for just the fourth time in Wimbledon's history play would take place on the Middle Sunday.

Extended rain delays on Tuesday and Wednesday and Friday have caused a backlog in the schedule, with several second-round matches still awaiting completion.

As a result, there will be at least eight singles matches - plus any from Saturday's schedule the are not completed - played on the tournament's traditional rest day.

Around 22,000 tickets will go on sale on Ticketmaster at 3pm on a first come, first-served basis.

* Maximum of two tickets per household
* No on-day sales
* Centre Court: 10,000 unreserved tickets on sale £70.00 each
* No.1 Court: 8,000 unreserved tickets on sale at £40.00 each
* Grounds Passes: 4,000 tickets allowing access to Courts 2-19 on sale at £20.00 each

Play on Middle Sunday - also known as 'People's Sunday' - has taken place on only three previous occasions in the tournament's 139-year history: 1991, 1997 and 2004.