Cowboy boots, unicorns, RoboCop - yes, RoboCop - Andrea Petkovic lit up the press room in Charleston this year. Take a look back at her Top 8 quotes here.
WTA Staff

CHARLESTON, SC, USA - Andrea Petkovic isn't just good at winning big titles, she's good at winning in the press room - here are eight of her best moments from the interview room in Charleston this year!

On whether she felt like Serena after losing just one game in the second and third rounds...

"It does feel good. I've slept so much better - like a baby. No nightmares or waking up and going like, 'Oh my God, I almost lost.' I would look much younger if I won like this all the time."

On an itch she had during a press conference...
"Sorry, something bit me here and it's itching like crazy, and I have a horn on my forehead.

"You can call me unicorn."

On the generational changes in tennis and in life...

"I always give this example. When I was in school, in the fifth grade, the 13th graders were walking past me, and I was in awe. I was like, 'Wow, the big ones, the teenagers smoking, being all cool with their backpacks and their pants down to the knees.' I thought they were the coolest in the world, and when they were walking past me I was like, 'Please don't see me, please don't see me, please don't see me, please don't see me.' But when I was in the 13th grade, the fifth graders were running around, hitting our backpacks, throwing balls at us and stuff like that - they didn't respect us at all.

"In tennis it's the same. The new generation doesn't care about names anymore. They're very confident and they believe in themselves, which is great for tennis. But I was just never that type of person."

On whether she will publish the poetry she has talked about writing...

"Oh, no, I won't, because it's really bad. When I'm writing a poem, I'm like, 'I'm a genius, why has nobody discovered me?' And then when I read it again a month later, I realize how bad I suck."

On whether her dad experienced any culture shock going from Yugoslavia to the US...
"I remember one anecdote he told me. He said when he came here it was late '70s or '80s, and everybody was wearing cowboy boots and blue jeans, and he said he had never seen that in his life. So the first thing he did when he got some money was he bought cowboy boots and blue jeans.

"But he's so vain, you know. He thinks he's the most beautiful guy in the world. And so the only thing he was looking forward to when he was coming back to Yugoslavia was rocking his blue jeans and cowboy boots. And he was on a train, and he forgot them on it. So he came back and had nothing.

"And this is why vanity is one of the seven deadly sins."

On all of the other semifinalists being 20 or younger...

"I'm the oldest here, can you believe that? Oh my God, I want to kill myself."

On a very, very vocal fan of hers in the crowd during the semifinals...

"It was nice. I liked him. He was very fierce."

And when told it was a woman...
"It was a woman! Wow, well, I like her. I hope she comes back and pushes me through. She actually helped me - I heard her a lot. Can you show me who she is? I'm going to give her a ball or something."

On meeting the fan on Finals Day the next day...
"I love her. She is so cool. She actually came to the practice court this morning when I was warming up, and she was so funny. She was like, 'Yo, girl, yo, you're rocking it today. I feel it in my blood. You're gonna win this tournament today.' And I was like, 'As long as you believe it, I'm happy!'

"But she's amazing. These fans are part of the reason why we play tennis. It's give and take - I made her happy, but she made me as happy as I made her probably. It's been amazing having her around."

On what she threw to her big fan after winning the title...
"I normally never give my wrist bands away because I'm very superstitious, and when I win important matches with my wrist bands I don't give them away because I want to play in them again. But I gave her the wrist band I won the finals with. I don't know if she knows it because it was quite far away.

"But I that was kind of a special gesture that I tried to give her."

On whether she has changed her training regimen since the injuries...
"Well, I definitely lowered the amount of training I did. Before, I practiced six hours every day, and now I lowered it to maybe four hours a day, and I also take more days off now. After three days I'll take a day off where I just do half a day. So I'm listening to my body more carefully, I guess.

"Before I was this machine that when I felt pain, I didn't feel pain. I'm RoboCop."