Make-up, lip gloss, the Pink Panther - Jelena Jankovic kept the laughs coming in the press room at the Family Circle Cup this year. Here are all of her best quotes.
WTA Staff

CHARLESTON, SC, USA - Jelena Jankovic isn't just one of the best players in the world, she's also one of the most entertaining in the press room - here are some of her best quotes from Charleston.

The Make-Up Exchange
On not wearing make-up on the court anymore...

"I'm getting older, and I only put make-up on when I go to the parties or when I go somewhere where I want to look nice. Here I want to look like a beast. I just want to look as scary as possible. I don't want to look all pretty and nice and dolled up. For what? I'm going to get dirty and sweaty.

"The only thing, my hair has to be slick. That's the only thing."

On why she made the decision to stop...
"It's nice to take care of yourself as a woman and look presentable on court, but I have my beautiful outfits and my hair is neat - I don't think I have to use make-up. Maybe when I was a teenager; maybe when I was younger. You go through stages where you have to try all different things and want to look different. You want to be this and that. But now I'm kind of growing into who I am. So when I go to the parties I put the make-up on and I'm like, 'Oh wow, I look different.' And it's nice to see that different face in the mirror. But if you put it every day, you get bored. I kind of figured that out.

"I put sunscreen and maybe some lip gloss on the court, though. Yesterday in the doubles I put lip gloss on because my lips are cracked all over the place, probably because I'm talking too much!"

The Pink Panther Exchange
When told people were calling her the Pink Panther because of her all-pink outfit...

"I'm Pink Panther now? Okay. For this week I'll be the Pink Panther."

On whether she knew Fila calls that shade of pink Diva Pink...
"Yeah, of course, because I'm a diva. What else do you expect. What else? But no, it's a cool color. I think it looks nice on TV and in person, but only because I'm wearing it. No, I'm just kidding.

"It's a beautiful outfit, and it's nice to have the name, because it suits me."

On whether she really considers herself a diva...
"I'm actually not a diva. I'm pretty normal and quite down to Earth. Maybe people think I'm a diva, but that's completely wrong. I just joke a lot and I have fun. So that's really what it is."

The 20-Year-Old Trifecta Exchange
On playing 20-year-olds in each of her first three rounds in Charleston...

"I keep playing all of those up and coming players. So far I've played two of them, the 20-year-olds, and now another one; three rounds, three young players. But it's good. They keep me young as well.

"They are so tough. They are hungry to do well, and they play so well. Bouchard has been in form this year. She's had some really good results this year, and it's definitely going to be a tough match."