Serena Williams beat Sorana Cirstea to extend her winning streak to 27 matches in a row. Only Venus Williams and Justine Henin have had longer streaks this millennium - what were they?
WTA Staff

PARIS, France - Serena Williams cruised past Sorana Cirstea to not only make the fourth round of the French Open, but to score her 27th straight win - the third-longest win streak of the millennium.

The No.1-seeded Williams needed just 61 minutes to take out No.26 seed Sorana Cirstea, 60 62.

"I think everyone, when they step out to play me, I feel like they're really bringing their A-game," Williams said in her post-match presser. "I just have to get really pumped up for everything to a point where I want to win as much as I can out there, whether it's every point or just do the best that I can do. That's pretty much what I try to do. So far it's okay - I'm just taking every match a little bit at a time."

Williams extended her winning streak to 27 matches in a row, separating her from Victoria Azarenka for the standalone third-longest winning streak since the turn of the new millennium in 2000. There are only two players who have strung together more match wins since then - Justine Henin, who won 32 in a row across the 2007 and 2008 seasons, and Venus Williams, who won 35 in a row during 2000.

"I actually don't think about it, but after every match I'm reminded of it - and ironically enough, I forget about it as soon as it's done," Williams commented. "I don't think it's about a winning streak, though. I think it's about winning important matches - winning the right matches at the right time."

She seems to be winning just about every match, though - she is 87-4 since the start of last April, and 70-3 since teaming up with Patrick Mouratoglou in Paris last year. How does she feel about him?

"I think what's most important is having someone that just understands the game more than anything," she said. "I didn't know at the beginning that it would be this successful. I honestly thought I just needed a place to hit, to be honest, and I'm an open individual. I'm kind of open to a lot of different things, and I really liked some of his suggestions, so we just started working together."

And does Williams ever sit back and feel satisfied with her accomplishments?

"Not once, I don't think so," Williams said. "I think it's important to kind of reflect on those moments, but I don't know. I'm always just so intense and focused, and so busy, I don't think about anything else. For me it's not about the celebrity, it's just about doing what I can do, and anything else that comes with it is I guess a bonus. But for me I'm just a regular old person that just lives with my sister."

There's one thing that has eluded her for a long time, though - the French Open title. It is the only Grand Slam she hasn't won four or more times, and in fact she has just won it once, in 2002. So with one of the four majors so elusive for her, does she focus any extra attention on this one?

"Every Slam is really my priority," Williams said. "I would love to win this one, but there is still a lot of people in the draw that would love to win this tournament as well. I'm just one of those."