Maria Sharapova has posted more details about her fitness and decision to withdraw from the Miami Open on social media.
WTA Staff
March 21, 2018

Maria Sharapova has revealed more details about her decision to pull out of the Miami Open and stated that she will only return to playing when she is ready to "compete".

The 30-year-old’s withdrawal from the Florida tournament four days before the first-round of matches were due to commence triggered disappointment from her fans on social media.

Sharapova, a five-time Slam champion, took to Twitter to respond and outlined the extent of the fitness problems she is facing at the moment.

"I don’t usually have much interest in sharing my injuries because they come with the territory of being a professional athlete, from which we handle them the best way we possibly can. But maybe at the core of it, it has never been my style," she wrote.

"I don’t sign up for anything in my career unless I am fully committed to it.

"Besides numbing my left forearm 30 minutes before my first round match in Indian Wells in order to get through the match without any recurring paid that I have had in past months, I also found out I had an air pocket in my lung from which I wasn’t allowed to fly for three weeks from first findings, per doctors, until it healed."

Addressing a fan who claimed to have bought tickets to watch her in Miami, Sharapova added: "So if the thought process is that I enjoy going through MRI, CT scans, injections, the five different doctor specialists I have seen this past month, AND signing a withdrawal form from one of my favourite tournaments, then I can honestly tell you that this time, you’re incorrect.

"I am really sorry that you purchased two tickets of a friend who was looking forward to seeing me play live. But maybe this time, you can give me the benefit of the doubt and understand that I would trade all the above to compete in front of your friend.

"In the meantime, I hope they still use those two tickets and enjoy the other matches. I will be doing everything I can to get healthy, fit and ready to COMPETE."