Serena Williams has won 18 WTA titles, four Grand Slams and two WTA Championships over the last two years. Who else has achieved similar feats?
WTA Staff

Serena Williams concluded a remarkable two-year stretch last week with her second straight triumph at the WTA Championships, putting her in some pretty elite company. It was just the seventh time in WTA history a player had captured at least two WTA Championships, at least four Grand Slams and at least 15 WTA titles over two seasons. How does Williams' two-year stretch compare with the other players who have accomplished this feat?

PlayerYearTitlesSlamsWTA Championships
Martina Navratilova'83-'842962
Martina Navratilova'84-'852552
Martina Navratilova'85-'862643 (two editions held in '86)
Monica Seles'90-'911942
Monica Seles'91-'922052
Steffi Graf'95-'961662
Serena Williams'12-'131842