How do the Williams sisters' doubles feats in Grand Slams compare to other tournaments?
WTA Staff

BEIJING, China - The doubles field is loaded at the China Open, with a couple teams still in contention for TEB BNP Paribas WTA Championships - Istanbul spots garnering attention. However, the team sure to attract the most attention is not even seeded - though they certainly would be if they played more often. For just the 24th time, the Williams sisters will compete in a non-Grand Slam event in Beijing. So, how have they fared in Grand Slams compared to all other events during their legendary partnership? Here is a statistical analysis:

 Grand SlamsOther
% Of Events Won48.1%34.8%
Record111-11 (91.0%)57-11 (83.8%)
Record In Finals13-0 (100.0%)8-1 (88.9%)
Record On Hard60-8 (88.2%)34-10 (77.3%)
Record On Clay13-1 (92.9%)7-1 (87.5%)
Record On Grass38-2 (95.0%)5-0 (100.0%)