Catch up with reigning Wimbledon champion Garbiñe Muguruza in an exclusive Facebook Live broadcast updating fans on her off-season and answering viewer questions.
David Kane
December 13, 2017

Live from Los Angeles, California, reigning Wimbledon champion and former WTA World No.1 Garbiñe Muguruza checked in from her off-season to speak with WTA Insider live on Facebook!

"I love getting to come here," Muguruza said. "It brings a good energy, which is especially important for the pre-season."

With the 2018 season debut at the Brisbane International less than a month away, the Spaniard took a break from one of her many fitness sessions - calibrated to optimize intensity while avoiding injuries - to talk about her love of the California sunshine.

"This is my third off-season in a row here. It's where my coach lives, and I found that the weather is very nice.

"It's a healthy way of living, too. Europe is so cold, so I appreciate being here and wearing tank tops and shorts, going to the beach and enjoying the activities."

The World No.2 also answered a few fan questions, opening up about being the youngest of three children with two older brothers monopolizing the TV remote.

"I didn’t watch too many cartoons because they were always watching Jurassic Park and The Mummy. Everyone else was Ninja Turtles! The one cartoon I got to watch was The Simpsons.

"We’re from very different generations so we never matched up in life. When I started playing tennis, they’d already stopped. When they finished studying, I was traveling. Now we’re finally spending more time together and we’re so silly all the time! I like it."

"I want to keep playing big finals, and fighting for the No.1 spot. There’s nothing to be afraid of, and nothing to hide from. I want to have the toughest goals because I feel like I’ve been there and that helps me believe I can be there again."
Garbiñe Muguruza

Check out the full broadcast and best quotes right here:

On the best part of being a professional tennis player.
The best part is the travel, going to incredible places and playing in front of thousands of people in big arenas. It’s a healthy life to be a professional athlete. I like to be in these situations and maybe that’s strange, but I like to be out on the edge where you’re nervous, excited, even a little bit afraid.

On watching her matches and learning to control her emotions.
I watch my matches a lot. Before it was harder, especially if I lost the match. I’d say, ‘You know who’s gonna watch this match? Not me!’ I’ve learned when I watch, like improving my attitude. When I was younger, I’d be whining or having a bad attitude and watching can show you how to correct that.

I was very natural on court, whether I was nervous or happy, I’d show it. I learned with time to keep it inside, because you’re playing someone else and whatever you show is help for them. You get calmer and less emotional as the years pass, like I’m so old! But I’m 23; I’m still young.

"I've had days where I felt like I can’t play tennis, or I can’t hit the ball and don’t know why. But you have the camera here [in your face] and you can’t do anything about it!"
Garbiñe Muguruza

On the North American tournaments.
Miami is very special to me because that’s where I got my first opportunity to play a WTA tournament. There are so many Latin American people that I feel so comfortable there because I’m very Latin American too. Even if there’s only three there, they look like 25 because they’re so into it.

I had a hate/love with New York, but I finally made it through a couple of rounds. Cincinnati was a surprise for me because it didn’t go very well in the past but this year I had tough matches that ended up pushing me to play much better.

Everyone loves Indian Wells; it’s super big and perfect for us, the courts and restaurants are all very nice. We have great tournaments in America, and the season is very nice here.