We asked six WTA players - Andrea Petkovic, Daniela Hantuchova, Sara Errani, Lisa Raymond, Aleksandra Wozniak and Sam Stosur - if they had a favorite winter sport. Here's what they said.
WTA Staff

With the Winter Olympics getting underway over in Sochi, we at wtatennis.com thought we would get some feedback from the WTA stars on their favorite Winter Olympic sports and competitions.

For some players, it seems to be all about speed and excitement - particularly for Andrea Petkovic.

"I'm looking forward to watching all the skiing events, especially downhill, Super G and slalom," the German said. "We have some great German athletes there - Maria Riesch on the women's side and Felix Neureuther on the men's side. So that will be really exciting. I'm also looking forward to the free skiing, the jumping and snowboarding - it's so exciting to watch all the girls and guys doing all this crazy stuff in all these winter events. I am so bad in any winter sport. I admire them so much."

Daniela Hantuchova echoed the sentiment - and drew on her own personal enjoyment of those sports.

"My favorite ones to watch during the Olympics will definitely be ice hockey and skiing, since I come from a very snowy country and was born in the mountains!" the Slovak commented. "Hockey is our No.1 sport and we will all watch it to support our guys in Sochi. And obviously I love skiing, as I've been doing it myself since I was three years old and it's the only sport I've done longer than tennis."

And the former World No.5's favorite athlete? "My favorite guy to watch is Svindal!"

The biggest need for speed may have come from one of the speediest players on the tour right now.

"I'm really looking forward to watching the bobsledding," Italian No.1 Sara Errani said.

Some of the WTA stars have much different taste - something slower and more graceful.

"Growing up, my favorite winter sport was always figure skating," Lisa Raymond said. "The skaters are so graceful and elegant to watch, yet make me so nervous! I usually have one hand covering my eyes when watching in case someone falls! And then of course, there always seems to be good back story or some drama associated with this event. The Kerrigan-Harding scandal certainly made me a fan!"

"I am looking forward to watching the figure skaters!" Aleksandra Wozniak said from snowy Canada. "Their moves are very elegant and artistic. I love this sport and I love their colorful dresses. I loved skating when I was little and imagined myself in a rink figure skating and creating my own moves. I would skate for hours and lose track of time so much that my toes would freeze, and afterwards my friends would come and tell me, 'You're going to get frost bite,' and I was like, 'What's that?'

"I loved going to this park beside my house where in the winter they'd put ice where there was a volleyball court in the summer time," she added. "I was just happy seven-year-old girl, dreaming."

But while Petkovic, Hantuchova, Raymond and Wozniak are from areas of the world with white winters and strong Winter Olympic spirit, those from other climates can be inspired as well, such as Sam Stosur, whose home city of Gold Coast has never even experienced freezing temperatures - ever.

"I don't really have a favorite winter sport as it's not really something we can watch much in Australia," Stosur said. "However, saying that, I do think the aerial jumps are pretty awesome, and I think that takes some guts to go out and do! But I'm hoping our Aussie team does well over there.

"I'm looking forward to trying to catch some on TV!"