Many fans have written in to expressing their support for former British star Elena Baltacha as she battles liver cancer.
WTA Staff

Former British No.1 Elena Baltacha, who retired at the end of last year, announced on Friday that she is suffering from liver cancer. She is exploring treatment options and is optimistic about her recovery. As are many fans who wrote in their well-wishes to Here is a sampling of those...

Elena, you are in my prayers for a complete recovery. May God embrace you and your family and give you strength. Best wishes.
- Nigel

Dear Elena, having seen your tenacity and fighting spirit on the court, it is plain to see that you did everything you could to give yourself the best chance in every match. You don't need anyone to tell you to bring that same attitude to the battle you face today. This will be the toughest fight of your life but you will emerge victorious. See it as an opportunity to inspire. The inspiration will be far greater than ever could have been achieved as Elena the tennis player. All the best.
- Greig

Greatest admiration for your tenacity in previous adversities. Remember Bruce's spider and keep fighting. You are the comeback queen. Big hugs.
- David

So very sorry to hear of this news, Elena!! My deepest prayers and positive good thoughts are with you and your family continuously through this time. I have always been a fan of yours and was so excited several years ago when you made it to the third round of the Australian Open. I know that strength you had on court will get you through this difficult time as you stay strong. Love and hugs.
- Michele

Be strong, Elena. The fight and determination you showed on court will help you conquer this opponent.
- Terry

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God will lead you through this difficult time. With him, all things are possible. I encourage you to fight with the toughness with which you fought your opponents during your active days on the WTA. Wishing you the best.
- Constantine

Elena, I have admired you and your fighting spirit throughout your career battling a liver condition and reaching the highest level of tennis. I was very saddened to hear of your illness and know you will battle this and come out on top just like you did with your tennis matches. We are all fighting with you.
- Colin

Stay positive, Elena. Never give up, be strong, be bold and you will overcome.
- Vivia

Elena and Nino, wishing you both all the strength you need at this difficult time. Wishing you healing and a good life in the future.
- Nick

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