Perform your Diet!

Take a time out from cooking and dine out!

Published January 04, 2010 05:34

Perform your Diet!

Many athletes who have mastered their meal planning at home may face another set of questions: What about dining out? Will the restaurant have any of my training diet foods? What if the portion size is wrong, or there are hidden ingredients?

Check out our Top 10 dining out Tips:

1.Do not skip meals before you are going to dine out. If very hungry, have a snack before you go.

2.Try to stay on your regular time schedule of eating on the day when you will dine out. Do not go more than 3 to 4 hours between meals/snacks.

3.If your anxiety is high, call ahead to ease your mind about menu choices before getting to the restaurant. Have an idea about what you will order before you get there.

4.Drink a glass of water before starting a meal to settle extreme hunger and to hydrate. If you fill up easily or have a tendency to become uncomfortably full, limit fluid to 2 cups per meal. Otherwise, plan on drinking several hydrating beverages during the entire meal to help with digestion.

5.When ordering, choose from 3 or 4 food groups, including sources of carbohydrate, protein and fat to aid in satiety. Make time to choose plenty of grain/starch, meat/meat alternative, and garden vegetable choices.

6.If you feel overwhelmed with the entree options, design a meal from appetizers or side dishes. If you are working on portion control, order a doggie bag (to-go box) from the beginning, or split your entrée with a friend or teammate (especially if you are served a large meat portion). If you are on a weight-gain plan, your goal may be to have the whole portion and/or extra sides.

7.If you are tempted to overeat breads or chips, have these options served with the meal
or the salad, after the meal, or not at all. Consider whole grain bread or plain tortillas instead of Mexican chips.

8.If you feel overwhelmed with sauces or dressings, have these served on the side and
use the fork-dipping method.

9.To slow down your eating during the meal, engage in conversation, put down your fork
between bites, and chew each bite thoroughly. Also, sip beverages during bites.

10.Other general ordering considerations: a) choose grilled, roasted, or broiled options and b) choose whole grains, brown rice, beans, peas, or corn as alternative side dishes.

Here are our "Best Bets" for Dining Out:

Italian : Pasta and Tomato Sauce

Chinese : steamed Rice and Vegetables with Chicken or Seafood

Pizzerias : Cheese and Vegetable Pizzas

Cafeterias and Foods Bars:
Grilled Chicken and Sandwiches
Baked Fish Sandwiches
Baked Potatoes
Is small Hamburger is desired, choose Flame-broiled or rack grilled
Salad bars

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