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We all know it's important to get a healthy amount of vegetables. USDA guidelines say most adults should be getting 3 cups/5 servings per day.

Published May 13, 2010 03:28


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"Eat your vegetables!" We all know it's important to get a healthy amount of vegetables daily (USDA guidelines say most adults should be getting 3 cups/5 serves per day). Athletes in particular need these high antioxidant foods to help with anti-inflammatory function. Here are some tips for getting vegetables into your eating routine!


1. Make V8 juices as one of your drink choices
2. Add lettuce (esp. fresh spinach) and tomato to a sandwich
3. Eat raw vegetables as sides or as a snack
• Cherry tomatoes
• Baby carrots
• Green, red, orange or yellow pepper strips
• Celery sticks
• Sugar snap peas
• Cucumber spears
4. Eat vegetables with your dips or salsa
5. Try soup with lots of vegetables in it
6. Add vegetables to pizza, pasta, soups, to chili; etc.
7. Bake zucchini or carrot bread and muffins
8. Choose a quick raw vegetable snack
Try a vegetable juice, for example, fresh carrot juice


Here are some of the best choices of nutrient-dense vegetables:

Collard Greens
Brussels Sprouts
Sweet Potato and regular Potato
Red and Green Pepper
Butternut Squash
Romaine, Boston or Bibb Lettuce
(Snow) Peas
(red) Cabbage
Acorn squash
Green Beans

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