Game-Time Nutrition

Top dietician Susie Parker-Simmons explains why good nutrition is so important and how to go about implementing it.

Published July 25, 2012 03:44

Game-Time Nutrition
USANA Probiotic

You probably haven't heard of Susie Parker-Simmons. She isn't a high profile, well-known athlete. But she does have the important task of ensuring athletes have optimal health.

As a dietician working with the WTA, U.S. Ski Team, and providing nutritional assistance during the Summer and Winter Games, Susie knows what it takes to help athletes perform at the highest levels: USANA.

Why do athletes need to take nutritional supplements?
The WTA professional tennis players take USANA dietary supplements to help in obtaining the increased nutritional requirements of an athlete. Supplements help in balancing one's diet due to the demands of travel, the building of a healthy immune system, and the management of nutritional deficiencies.

What are the most common health concerns you encounter as a dietician for athletes?
The common nutritional challenges we face are coping with an ever-changing international cuisine; obtaining sufficient calories, macronutrients, and micronutrients for an athletic female; and
obtaining optimal hydration to prevent heat stress and illness.

What is your favorite USANA product and what do you recommend most to athletes?
Every person has different nutritional requirements. The WTA utilizes MyHealthPak™, Procosa®, Active Calcium™, BiOmega™, and USANA® Probiotic.

Why is good nutrition so important for Olympic athletes?
Nutrition can be the difference between winning and losing; injury and injury-free; and optimal health.

Why is it important for athletes and non-athletes to take high-quality supplements?
The WTA would only have a partnership with a supplement company that provides the highest quality product. USANA products provide this, and they are also manufactured to fully comply with the requirements of the World Anti-Doping Agency.

How do you keep yourself healthy with such a busy schedule?
I perform a daily exercise regime early each morning and then eat a balanced nutritional diet. I supplement my diet as required.

How do you recommend balancing the pressure of eating unhealthy foods with good nutrition?
I am a great supporter of home-cooked meals and utilizing local markets for obtaining foods that are in season. Each week I shop at a local farm and prepare meals for the week during the weekend with my daughter. We need people to have time to enjoy the art of cooking!


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