What is Kim Clijsters' Christmas wish? How is Jada doing? How is the newest arrival to the family doing? Find out the answers to all those questions - and see their new family picture - right here!
WTA Staff

ANTWERP, Belgium - Kim Clijsters was back on the court last week for her exhibition event in Antwerp - a perfect time for us to catch up with her for the very first time since she retired last year.

Welcome to the first 10 Questions With - and the former World No.1 as our very first subject.

1. There was a new addition to your family this year - can you tell us about him?
"Of course! Jack was born on September 18th. He's a great little guy. Of course it took us some getting used to, having a baby in the house again, because Jada's already five years old now and she can do a lot of things by herself. But he's a great little guy and it's great to have a little boy around the house."

2. How is Jada doing - does she like being a big sister?
"She enjoys it. I think it took her a little time to get used to having a little brother in the house - the first week she didn't like the fact that she had to go to bed while he was allowed to stay downstairs with us, and she couldn't understand why her little brother was allowed to stay up longer than her! But gradually she has adored him more and more. She thinks he's the cutest thing ever. It's all working out."

3. How is your husband Brian doing?
"Brian is doing well. He's enjoying his time as an assistant coach at Antwerp. He's played basketball for many years - it's his passion - it's great seeing him become a better coach and learning even more."

4. What did you think of the 2013 tennis season?
"I watched some of it. Of course I followed Kirsten Flipkens - I saw her play a lot at Wimbledon. I always follow the main events. I don't have too much time to just sit in front of the TV and watch a full match, but when there's some tennis on I'll try and watch it, and I follow the scores on the internet."

5. Which players do you still keep in touch with the most?
"Not that many. There are some players I keep in touch with just through e-mail or SMS. I'm actually closer to other retired players than to players still on the tour, because they're probably very busy!"

6. How did you feel about the exhibition?
"It was fun! We had a good match. It was fun playing with Xavier again. The atmosphere reminded me of when I played the exhibition at Wimbledon a few years ago. To feel that atmosphere was great. I appreciate everyone who came out and hopefully we can keep the tradition going every year."

7. How much have you been playing since you retired - how is your new club and academy?
"I haven't been playing that much. I've been working out and trying to get back into shape after having the baby. But our club is going well. We're almost finished with our renovations. Our academy is up and running - I'm looking forward to having the official opening of the club this coming February."

8. What are your plans for the holidays?
"We're planning on having family over for Christmas, and we'll be spending New Year's with my mom and my sister, and all the kids in the family. We're all really looking forward to the holidays!"

9. What does Jada want for Christmas?
"She's not really ready just yet, but she wants Play-Doh - so we'll get her some Play-Doh!"

10. What is your Christmas wish?
"That everybody has a happy and healthy 2014, and that everyone's wishes come true!"

Kim Clijsters