She was a WTA champion, is now married and has kids with a former ATP champion - we catch up with Adriana Rikl Gersi.
WTA Staff

NAPLES, FL, USA - It's interesting to find out how WTA players have been up to since retirement, whether they have stayed in the tennis world, pursued other interests or settled into family life - in the case of Adriana Rikl Gersi it's the third one, getting married and now a proud mother of three little ones.

Rikl Gersi's professional career ran from 1994 to 2002, her greatest triumph coming in Basel, Switzerland in 2001, where she won her first WTA title. She was also a four-time WTA semifinalist, reached the third round of the Australian and US Opens and had a Top 10 win to her name, over Mary Pierce in 2001. But there was another experience the Czech pointed to as her greatest.

"My biggest career success was for sure winning in Basel, but my greatest moment was definitely competing at the Olympics in Sydney in 2000," Rikl Gersi lamented. "To see all those different athletes and the atmosphere of it all was simply amazing. I wish I could enjoy that experience one more time.

"My most memorable match was against Pierce, and also my first Fed Cup.

"In my early years I was just excited to be at big events and Grand Slams!"

After retiring in 2002 she married fellow tennis player David Rikl in 2003. "I retired in 2002 but for another year and a half I was travelling with my husband and later my daughter, so I was still around tournaments," she said. "Retiring wasn't a hard decision for me, because I always wanted to have a family."

They moved to Naples, Florida in 2009 and now have three kids together. "Anette was born in 2004, Lilly in 2008 and Danny in 2010 - he's only two!"

Rikl Gersi may not travel around the tour like she did before, but she does stay in touch with players and visits tournaments in the Czech Republic. She also still watches the sport: "My favorite players are Kvitova and Federer," she said.