WTA Insider Courtney Nguyen | Angelique Kerber celebrates too soon, Jamie Hampton chats with WTA Insider and Andrea Petkovic contemplates the genius of Whiplash.
WTA Staff

- Angelique Kerber gets caught with a premature celebration in her win over Monica Puig on Wednesday at Rogers Cup:

- Agnieszka Radwanska continues to wow with her on-court attire. Lotto has kitted the World No.14 with a shimmery gold and black dress that we can only describe as disco-meets-roller derby.

- Jamie Hampton tells WTA Insider the prospects of her coming back on tour this year are slim, but she's still holding out hope. More here: Jamie Hampton: It's Definitely Not Over

- And here's a nice open letter from a fan to Hampton.

- No.3 seed Petra Kvitova lost to Victoria Azarenka 6-2, 6-3 in Toronto on Wednesday, but she considered it a victory to be able to take the court and complete the match.

"I didn't have any expectations. So for me, this is good. I finished the match. I'm still - I got to speak and sit. So that's really good. I'm a little bit sleepy, but that's fine. So from the time I'm okay, and for sure I will try to practice a little bit more and practice as a quality rather than the quantity. And I will see how it's going."

- Ana Ivanovic knows her way around a slump. Here's what she had to say when a Canadian journalist asked her for any advice she might offer Genie Bouchard:

"I went through that, and it's not easy, and every person or player goes through it differently because of the character. And she's very young. I think it's important to go back to her basics and what works for her and to work hard and actually listen to herself, you know, what she needs to do rather than being too much influenced by outside people; surround herself with the right people and then stick with it."

- A common critique you hear from tennis commentators is that Sloane Stephens doesn't care enough on court. Here's an argument to the contrary: Sloane Stephens cares very much.

- Movie Reviews with Petko: Andrea Petkovic recently tweeted that she watched Whiplash and loved it, so I asked her about it:

"Well, I think everybody sees something else in that movie and that's what fascinated me so much about it and what fascinated me and intrigued me so much about the movie was the fact that it was never really clear up until the end if the guy is a genius. Normally you know if somebody is a genius. Right?

"So it really was the relationship between the two guys that brought out the best and the great in him. And so that was really interesting to see if you sometimes need somebody to trigger those points, because obviously a genius was inside of him. That's how I understood it. But you know, normally you know before; right? I mean Beethoven, I think he knew that I'm special. You know? And so that's what really intrigued me, this sort of thing, you know, like in biology where you have plants that just can grow around other plants. Sometimes maybe their personalities they can just grow around other personalities. Hopefully I'm not that type of person, but you know, maybe that is - I thought it was very fascinating. And I rewatched the last - seen the ending already 10 times. I loved it."