WTA Insider Courtney Nguyen | The US Open women's final sells out before the men's and Serena Williams is among the players opening Day 1 action in New York.
WTA Staff

- The US Open women's final has sold out before the men's final.

- Serena Williams will get her US Open underway right away. The loaded top half of the draw has been scheduled to kick off the tournament on Monday.

- Eugenie Bouchard is getting some coaching help from Jimmy Connors at the US Open.

- Two notable US Open qualifying runs are over: Vicky Duval lost to Alla Kudryavtseva in the second round, while CiCi Bellis lost to Jelena Ostapenko in the final round on Friday.

- Brian Philipps for Grantland on Serena Williams' moment.

Serena's burden of meaning places her a long way away from this kind of discretion. Her importance is too great. She faces expectations that I can barely imagine, and she lives up to them.

One of the things I love about her, though, is that she still insists on her freedom to be meaningless. Pointedly, in public, Serena refuses to be flattened into significance. She doesn't shirk her cultural role but she also protects - and doesn't hide- her own inner galaxy of humor, anger, sexiness, goofiness, sadness. She pouts. She yells. She shows her feelings on the court. She gets shy. She shares silly photos on social media. In a world where many NFL rookies are already playing characters in the media, Serena is only playing herself. For someone in such a complicated position, she is shockingly unguarded, and in a strangely beautiful way, her openness is what preserves her privacy. She shows us who she is, and showing us makes her inviolable.

- Fashion retrospectives: SI.com looks back at the Grand Slam fashion of Serena Williams (here) and Maria Sharapova (here).

- Jon Wertheim story for Sports Illustrated on Serena Williams' current dominance.

Not only is Serena ranked No.1, but objects in her rearview mirror appear closer than they in fact are. (For perspective: The points gap separating Serena from No.2 Simona Halep is greater than the points gap between Halep and the lowest-ranked player on the tour.) Serena is turning in the best year of her career, which is saying something. She is also turning in perhaps the best year in modern tennis history - which is saying still more.

- Here's what Venus Williams will be wearing at the US Open.

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- On the US Open program cover, Serena stands alone:

- Meanwhile, checking in on Andrea Petkovic: